New and Updated Bible Crafts:
God Keep His Promises Bible Craft
Jesus Feeds 5000 Bible Craft
God Gives Me Strength Craft


Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Craft
Baby Jesus in the Manger Craft
Creation Activity Sheet

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Apologia Fever Baby!

So over Christmas break we made a semi-BIG curriculum change.

We completely swapped out our science curriculum
(previously: Truth in Science) for Apologia Science.

Now, don’t get me wrong here,
I still love Truth in Science.
I am so very fond of the Christ centered worldview presented throughout the program.
There was really nothing wrong with the program.
We had lots of fun learning about animal classification,
plants and trees. But…

We just have been so taken with notebooking lately.
We found ourselves straying a bit from our Science lessons and
creating our own notebook adventures.

So, I finally made the call to switch over to Apologia Science
which has pre-bound notebooking elements available.

Oh Happy Day.

This is our very first Apologia product.
(can you believe that?)

And while I always find that I am in LOVE with every curriculum that I purchase
(at least for the first half of the year *snicker*)
I’m really thinking that Apologia is going to make it the Long Term at our house.

There is just no substitute for pre-planned daily lessons,

pre-bound spiral notebooks,

LAPBOOKING elements,

and multi-level accommodations.

And no, this is not a review for Apologia,
just sharing the excitement over a new addition to our classroom.

(Though if you’re looking for a great price on Apologia products,
do check out our sponsors, Hearts at Home Curriculum!
They offer 30% Apologia EVERYDAY!

Anyway, I love that more and more curriculum publishers
are incorporating multi-level teaching options and notebooking supplements,
it makes it so much easier for us homeschool moms!

Isn’t it fun making mid-year changes?

Writing a Biography Printables

writing notebook printables

With all the back to school mayhem going on at our house,
I haven’t had much time to tackle my “to-do” list.

One thing I really wanted to work on was posting more of our Writing Guides.
(I get emails about these all the time)

So I did scramble an extra evening to add in some more resources for writing a biography:

writing a biography for kids

Here is what this set includes:

Purpose and Description of a Written Biography
5 Step Instructions for Writing a Biography
Brainstorming Subject Sheet
Three Fact Finding Worksheets
Writing Tools Guide for a Biography
Fact Organization Sheet (First Draft Guide)
Self Editing Sheet
Final Draft Decorative Paper

You can print this entire set FREE here.

I’ve also posted some more helpful printables for your aspiring writers:

citing sources printable kids

Citing Sources
A simple guide for children that you can print and keep inside your writing binder.

transitions worksheet printable

This is a list of helpful words children can refer to when the right words just won’t come.

Both of these would be great to use alongside any research report, not just a biography.

Just as a side note here, I was up extra late last night finishing these,
so if you notice a typo please do let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP!
I am NEVER offended by the extra help!

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