Ocean Crafts for Kids

These ocean craft and art projects for kids are fantastic when paired alongside some hands-on learning. Children love to see all the amazing creatures that God has placed in the sea.  Be sure to enhance your Ocean unit studies with a fun trip to a local aquarium, or natural tide pool.

Our Ocean Crafts for kids are developed for students of all ages!. With our beach craft tutorials, children will work with a variety of mediums including oil pastels, chalk pastels, watercolor, bleeding tissue paper and more. We provide introduction to different art techniques as well. Children will learn blending, hues, warm and cool colors paper piecing, glue-resist, etching, printing, textures with mixed media and so much more! Come create a spiky sea urchin, a sandpaper starfish, a sea creature fan book and a sparkly sea anemone!

Seahorse Art Project for Kids

Try this stunning Seahorse Craft Today! Students will work with bleeding tissue paper and paper cutting techniques to create these luminous creatures! You’ll be surprise how simple and fun these seahorse art projects are for students of all ages. Even young students will create aquatic masterpieces with this simple tutorial.

Whale Tail Art Project for Kids

This aquatic ocean art project for children is sure to be a huge hit in your classroom! Pair this fantastic beach side theme with your ocean animals unit study. Best of all this project is simple, and great for students of all ages. Students will build a variety of art skills as they work with mixed media (chalk pastels and glue), and learn to use blending and color hues to create visual interest.

Jellyfish Art Project for Kids

Create this Simple Watercolor & Glue Jellyfish with your art students today! With our free step-by-step art tutorial, this stunning jellyfish can be created by students and adults of all ages and abilities. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy this jellyfish watercolor art project is, and at how beautiful it looks hanging in your classroom! Imagine a full art wall of these gorgeous jellies!

Spiky Sea Urchin Craft

Careful, these little fella’s are very spiky! These make your Ocean diorama’s really pop!

Ocean Waves Oil Pastel

This beautiful oil pastel introduces children to warm and cool color combinations, line, overlaping, depth, highlighting, shadows and more. With a few easy tips and tricks children can make stunning beach art during your Ocean unit study.

Sandpaper Starfish Art Project

This is a great way for chidlren to learn about starfish, while adding a bit of texture to their creations. Children draw directly on sandpaper with crayons or oil pastels for a vivid and tactile experience.

Sea Creature Art Prints

Using this simple printing method you can make an array of amazing sea creature art prints. This project is not only fun to learn but children are left with lasting impressions of their Ocean Animal Unit Study. Not to mention that these prints can be gifted to friends and family members for gifts.

Seashell Identification Cards

Children can identify and sort through their seashells with these full color photo cards. We purchased a bag of shells and used these as sorting mats to keep the little hands busy during lessons.

Sea Creature Fan Book

Children can make this interactive sea creature fan book to remember all of their favorite ocean animals!

Aquarium Notebooking Pages

Free 75 page aquarium notebook for The Crafty Classroom Subscribers. These notebooking pages include a full color photo and basic fact file for different aquatic creatures children can visit at the aquarium.

Coral Reef Collage

These vibrant coral reef collages are wonderful to make after learning about the different creatures that live there! Use Oil Pastels and a reference photo and encourage children to work slowly blending colors, highlighting with white as they go.

Coral Craft for Kids

This craft teaches children to make some sparkly sea creatures to add to their ocean dioramas! Use a piece of Styrofoam (we cut a Styrofoam ball in half) and some glitter pipe cleaners. Wrap the pipe cleaners around a pencil then remove them for a perfect spiral spring shape. Poke them into the Styrofoam to make your creature.

Ocean Animal ABC Photos

Children can work their way through the alphabet with these aquatic creatures. For each letter there is a corresponding animal. Older children can cut apart the photo from the name and use these cards as a matching game.

Ocean Animal Coloring Pages

A set of 26 different ocean animal coloring pages, one for each letter of the alphabet. Children can color and cut out their pictures to form a wall sized quilt.

Sea Shell Coloring & Clipart

We have some free seashell coloring pages and clipart you can use to make your own homeschool resources. Even if you live miles from the ocean you can provide children the opportunity to find a collect shells using a small sandbox and purchased shells. Children can then color the shells with the markings and patterns of the ones they found.


Children’s Encyclopedia of Ocean Life

This series of encyclopedias for children are amazing!  With over 200 pages, this book is filled with full color photos and vivid illustrations of aquatic creatures from the world’s oceans.  This is book you can keep on your shelves for years to come, we personally own quite a few of these thematic encyclopedias.  I would say they are best used with children 3rd grade and below.


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