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The Crafty Classroom is a website is filled with crafts, activities and printables you can use in your classroom! Our crafts go alongside themes and literature resources and most of them come straight out of our personal homschool experiences! I firmly believe that children who are actively involved and invested in a project retain and recall information at a higher rate. Our thematic crafts and activities are designed to compliment your classroom curriculum and provide you with additional learning opportunities and discussions.  We provide project ideas that are easy to implement, with full photo instructions and  materials are specifically chosen based on what you might already have in your art supply closet.

Anatomy Crafts for Kids

We’ve got some great human anatomy science crafts and activities you can use alongside your lessons. Many of these resources would be great and end of a science unit. and end of a science unit.

Artist Crafts for Kids

Learning Art History can be fun! Teach your children about Famous Artists and then uses these fun projects to explore different textures, mediums, and art process. These turn out wonderful and make fantastic portfolios!

Arctic Crafts for Kids

A collection of stunning Arctic themed art projects for children. Create patterned polar bears, vibrant Northern Lights, Icy Igloos, and more with these simple yet gallery-worthy art tutorials.

Bird Crafts for Kids

There are so many different kinds of birds that we’ll be adding to this category in the years to come! There are lots of fun bird’s nest crafts, egg crafts, and more!

Fall Leaf Art for Kids

A collection of stunning and vivid Fall Leaf Art Project for Kids. These are wonderful for children of all ages and include helpful templates and photo tutorials.

Garden Crafts for Kids

Making crafts that you can use alongside your gardening is such fun! Children love to be in the outdoors working with their hands and these crafts.

Geology Crafts for Kids

Geology opens the door for lots of hands on crafty fun! Use these projects to learn about the world around you, from Rocks and Minerals, to Fossils, to the Earths’ core! These make great Science Projects as well!!

Geography Crafts for Kids

As we learn all about the world around us we’ll be making some fun Geography themed crafts as well! From a paper-mache globe, to a terrain collage this section of our site has some fun ideas!

History Resources for Kids

We are using the Mystery of History in our classroom this year, and this page has all of the crafts, activities and printables that we’ll be using alongside this amazing program!

India Crafts for Kids

Learning about the different countries of the world can be lots of fun! Use our country themed crafts and activities to enhance your geography unit studies on India. Children can make their own beautiful oil pastel creations with our step by step tutorials.

Insect Crafts for Kids

We haven’t quite done a specific unit on insects future! For now we’ve got a couple of fun crafts you can do when learning about insect life-cycles!

Japan Crafts for Kids

Because of the many cultural differences, learning about Japan is quite fun for many children, especially all the beautiful artforms in Japanese culture!

Ocean Crafts for Kids

God has placed so many beautiful and interesting creatures in our oceans! Make these fun crafts as you learn about all of them! From Sea Urchins to Clown Fish these projects would fit wonderfully with your Ocean Unit Study.

Owl Crafts for Kids

We spent an entire unit just learning about owls! Here are some quick and easy owl crafts that help you children learn about all the different and amazing types of owls God created!

Patriotic Crafts for Kids

These Patriotic crafts are perfect for learning about landmarks and holidays these are educational, fun and patriotic! A great way to add to your American History projects. 

Pioneer Crafts for Kids

Living in Oregon we’ve found many opportunities to learn about the Pioneers….and we’ve made lots of fun crafts alongside our studies, including yarn dolls, covered wagons and quill pens to name a few!

Scripture Art

This is a small collection of art projects that focus on teaching children watercolor techniques paired alongside key scriptures. These make wonderful gifts or art to hang around your home.

Space Crafts for Kids

These are some fun crafts and activities you can do with your children as you learn about the beautiful and amazing universe God created. Study the planets, stars, and heavenly bodies and use these projects to show mastery of what you’ve learned.

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    I am trying to access your “textured paint” recipe but– to of no avail. Am I doing something wrong? lol.. Thanks for your help in advance!


    June 19, 2015 at 10:14 am
  • Nancy Reply

    I love your site and your crafts…they seem to be for older children….I have 3 and 4 years old….do you have some fabulous crafts for them?

    December 6, 2015 at 12:29 pm

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