Layers of the Earth Craft

Is your student learning about the layers of the earth? Do you need some layers of the earth project ideas? This 3D model of the layers of the Earth is not only colorful and eye-catching, but it requires very little material and it’s simple for even the youngest of science students to create!

Layers of the Earth Project:

Layers of the Earth Worksheets

When learning about the layers of the earth, you’ll want to provide your student with visual representations they can use for the science project. These free printable layers of the earth activity pages are great for illustrating scientific concepts on a tri-fold poster board. This set includes diagrams, 3-part cards, notebooking sheets, science journal pages and more! Use these printables to create a stunning backdrop for your layers of the earth science project.

3D Layers of the Earth Project

This earth science project is super simple and only requires the following materials. In fact, if you are feeling particularly crafty, you can even make your own play dough for this project using the recipe here.

Materials List:

  • Play Dough (a variety of colors, details below)
  • Paper Plate
  • Knife

Because we’ll be creating multiple layers, you’ll want a variety of different colors to stand for each layer. You’ll need more amounts of play dough for each color. We recommend using the following colors:

  • Inner Core = Red
  • Outer Core = Orange
  • Mantle = Yellow
  • Crust = Brown
  • Water = Blue
  • Land = Green

Roll all colors of play dough in to a ball. Take your orange color and flatten it out into a pancake shape.

Place the red ball (inner core) into the center of the orange pancake you just made. Fold over the edges, pinching and rounding things out until you have an orange ball with a red ball in the center.

Repeat the previous step with the yellow. Flatten it out, then place the orange ball inside the yellow pancake, folding over the edges and rounding it out to make a ball.

Repeat and continue for the crust layer and the water.

Break up bits of green to make land and press it into your earth to represent the continents. Smooth out the edges a bit to keep things round.

Have a parent or teacher use a sharp knife to cut the world in half. As you cut in, you’ll notice all the different layers of the earth!

Spread apart the hemispheres, and create a display that showls what each color of the earth stands for.

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Layers of the Earth Project Ideas

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