Polar Bear Art Project For Kids

Here is a unique and exciting polar bear art project for kids. This is a fantastic art project to try with your students when you are learning about cubism or anytime you are learning about the arctic. Each section on this art project is created with oil pastels, then etched with a unique pattern. Etching is the process of removing material to create visual interest. In this case, were creating patterns and nature scenes inside each section. Additionally, students will learn warm and cool colors as the bear and the background are made with different hues.

Step 1

Print your polar bear template as a guide. The template includes grey lines separating each shape.

Step 3

You want a good variety of colors and try not to have the same colors touching eachother.

Step 4

Choose warm colors (reds, oranges, and yellows) and start filling in the shapes of the background.

Step 5

Color in every shape leaving no white space. Make sure you pressed hard enough with your oil pastels to get a thick layer of color on your paper.

Step 6

You can stop here and frame on black construction paper if you like

Step 7

Or you might want to add in some patterns. Oil pastel can be scratched away to reveal a lighter hue of the same color. This is a great way to add texture and patterns to your polar bear.

Step 8

You can even add in things you might see in an Arctic landscape; iceburgs, winter trees, a full moon, inukshuk, etc….

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