Mondrian Art Project for Kids

Our Mondrian Art for Kids is perfect for any age and ability! This beautiful artwork may look hard, but it’s so easy with our step-by-step video tutorial and instructions. Using stained glass window paint found online or in local craft stores, your child can create a beautiful masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for a simple or advanced art project for your preschool-age child or older, this creative activity can be used in your classroom, homeschool, or Sunday school.

What is the Meaning of Mondrian Art?

What is Mondrian Art? Mondrian Art originated from Piet Mondrian, a famous artist, dutch painter, and pioneer of 20th-century art abstract paintings. His amazing impressionist style using glowing colors and expressive brushwork. How do you draw a Piet Mondrian? Simply use a ruler to draw lines and include primary colors like red, yellow, and blue, and you’ve got an impressive Mondrian Art Collection started!

Piet Mondrian Art

What materials did Piet Mondrian use? Mondrian mainly used oil paint and moved thin strips of transparent paper to emphasize lines, color, and geometric shapes on a canvas. He was a big fan of Cubism, developed by famous painter Pablo Picasso.

Mondrian Art for Kids

Ready to get started on learning how to create an impressionism painting? This Mondrian Art Project for Kids is so easy to do with our free Mondrian Art Template, instructions, and video to help you finish your very own Mondrian masterpiece.

Mondrian Art Materials

Mondrian Art Instructions

  1. Print out Mondrian Art Template on card stock paper.
  2. Laminate Mondrian Art Template sheet.

3. Add laminated template to Cardboard neatly with tape.

4. Using black glass paint, begin carefully outlining the black lines starting from top to bottom. Let dry.

5. Starting in the left hand corner, begin filling in the rectangle with white stained glass window paint.

6. Following the video instructions and images, begin filling in the primary colors (ie yellow, blue, red).

7. Continue filling in all geometric shapes with glass paint until complete following pattern shown in image. Let Dry.

8. Once glass paint dries, time to gently peel off paint starting on the edge.

9. Carefully continue to peel off your Mondrian masterpiece until completely removed.

10. Once glass paint art work is removed, time to find a place for your student’s Mondrian artistic project!


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