Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids

This is a great project for children who are learning about Andy Warhol and the POP Art movement! The bright colors and bold images used in this fun fifties style makes for some stunning creations in your art classroom. Students of all ages can participate with this Andy Warhol art project. Simply print our free templates (below), or our Pop Art Activity Pack and follow these helpful tips and guidelines for designing in a pop art style.

Andy Warhol Art Templates

To make things easier for younger children, we’ve created these fun and free Andy Warhol Art Templates. Students can use these templates to create their own pop art by adding a variety of bright and complementary colors. We highly suggest using a strong medium to achieve the vibrant colors found in pop art. Try using paint crayons, oil pastels, or really bright markers for best results.

We’ve created two different Andy Warhol templates you can use; Cupcakes and Doughnuts. (UPDATE: Scroll down for Warhol’s Infamous Campbell’s Soup Art Template) We think that these designs will appeal to most kids, because…..well, YUM!! But your art students can design anything their heart desires! Just draw the design a single time and trace it into four quadrants on a separate sheet of paper. They can even make small changes to the design to add a little visual appeal, as we’ve done in our free printable templates below:

These doughnut graphics are hand drawn! Older kiddos can certainly draw their own.

Doughnut Template

Thanks to Zip a Dee Doo Dah Designs for these fun Cupcake graphics!

Cupcake Template

While we have the two FREE art projects available above, we also have an Andy Warhol Pop Art Activity Pack that includes 5 Instructional pages alongside 12 more art project sheets with a variety of themes. This pack is a paid resources available in our TPT store.

Pop Art Coloring Tips

One reason we suggest using paint crayons or oil pastels is because of the ability to blend different colors together! This is a fun way to add some dimension to your pop art projects. Here are a few blending and coloring tips to keep in mind as you complete your project.

Highlighting Shapes

As you fill in the different shapes of your project, look for opportunities to highlight. You can do this by leaving white space around the edges of your shape, then returning to fill them in with a bright color. In the example above the doughnut is colored brown and highlighted with a vibrant pink around the edes of the icing and the edges of the doughnut itself.

Complimentary Colors with Pop Art

When choosing coloring for your shapes and your background, look for complimentary colors to help them POP! Complimentary colors are visually interesting and they compliment each other. You might consider printing up a color wheel for students to use as a reference for this project.

Gradients & Color Choices

You might think that pop art is a bunch of randomly chosen colors, but it’s not! Besides choosing complimentary colors, you might also look for opportunities to reuse colors throughout your entire project. In the example above, you can see that the green is used in two different scenes. This helps tie your project all together. Additionally, look at the yellow glaze of the top right doughnut. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but multiple colors were used starting with a Yellow-Orange, then a medium yellow, then a bright yellow. You can create more visual interest in your drawing by creating different gradients within your shapes.

Stop Coloring!

Okay, with all the vibrant colors in pop art, you might think you need to fill in every single space with color. But white space is your friend! You can leave areas white for visual interest, or even to strategically highlight a specific area. In the photo above you can see white space was left on the cupcake with the cherry in such a way as to represent a shine of light reflecting off the frosting.

Get Creative With Your Frame

Pop art is fun and whimsical style of art, and your frame should match! Try to think of a creative way to frame your artwork that will bring attention to it’s unique qualities. In the photo above you can see that two corners of the black construction paper have been removed, and white paint is used to add a little flair. A custom frame can add a lot of fun to your art project!

Ready for more?! Try our Andy Warhol Pop Art Activity Pack Today! This extra set includes 12 unique designs and layouts to inspire your students to get creative with their pop art projects. This pack also includes the infamous Campbell’s soup template for students to draw and design. With all the unique pop art activity pages, this set is sure to be a HIT in your homeschool or classroom setting.

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