The beauty of leaves and all of it’s potential has us really excited about our next fall leaf art project for kids! This creative craft is a gorgeous replica of an abstract fall leaf art project. For any age, you can have a beautiful combination of colors with just a few handful of leaves.

If you need some extra ideas for the autumn season, we’ve got you covered! Whether you have a preschooler or a teenager, these Fun Fall Leaf Craft ideas are perfect for displaying, gift giving, and showcasing your student’s creativity. With just a few materials and a few fresh leaves, you can wow any family member or friend.


Here is a list of what to collect for your fall leaf art:


  1. With a fresh fall leaf face up, begin with a beautiful color of pink to start your fall leaf project as shown above.

2. As you work around counter clockwise in quarters, paint in yellow, orange and red.

3. Continue working around counter clockwise until complete as shown above.

4. As you finish, make sure your leaf is ready to be pulled off the page gently.

5. Isn’t this a gorgeous display of colors?!! As you admire your new creative masterpiece, touch up any spots that need attention.

6. As the leaf is lifted, find another area and press part of the leaf for an extra pattern of shapes.

7. Now it’s time to extend the colors! Finish all colors to the end of the painting canvas for extra flair and fabulous fun!

The blending of the neon watercolors has a beautiful effect as you pull the color to the edges of the paper. This is such a simple way to add some fall color and creativity to your homeschool classroom.

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