Christmas Tree Art

Christmas Trees remind us of the best time of the year, so let’s get the kids excited about the upcoming season! We’ve got a wonderful DIY Christmas Tree Art project your kids will love. Our Winter Tree Art Project is designed using cubism art. It’s gorgeous, surprisingly easy to make, and an awesome keepsake for loved ones.

Wondering what cubism art is? You’ll find out what cubism art is and where cubism art originated.

This is a fantastic Christmas Art project for any age and ability. It’s also a fun way to get others together around the holiday table. Yes, there are a ton of amazing Christmas Tree Crafts out there, but this holiday craft is guaranteed to be creative, unique, and special. With just a few materials, your child will have colorful DIY Holiday Tree Art in just a few minutes.



  1. Print our free Christmas Tree Art Template on cardstock paper.
  2. Using a ruler, draw several diagonal lines across the template. Starting at the base of the Christmas Tree, draw a diagonal line with a pencil. Then, closer to the top, draw another diagonal line at the opposite angle. Continue this pattern until you have a healthy balance of lines (about 10 – 12) with plenty of room to color. See the video above for visual ideas.

3. Using a fall array of colors, outline each cube using the oil-based pastel crayons. Make sure to leave the middle area empty. Using a Q-Tip, blend in the remaining white space for a brushed appearance. Starting at the top of the page using an orange pastel color. Follow the next cube with a complementary color like yellow. Using a deep red color, surround the yellow colors as well. Follow this pattern until all cubes surrounding the tree are filled in with a complementary color.

4. Fill in the star using the yellow pastel hue.

5. Begin coloring in the tree’s pattern. To make the tree pop, continue to use complementary colors such as dark and light blues and greens for contrast. Follow the same pattern using the pastels to outline the cubes, wrapping up with the q-tips to blend the pastel color.

6. Once you are finished with the Christmas Tree Cubism Art Project, glue your beautiful masterpiece onto black cardstock and frame or give it away as a Christmas Gift. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sharing your gorgeous art creation.

Need some more Gorgeous Cubism Art Ideas? Click image below!


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