Christmas Tree Craft

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are they branches! Christmas is such a wonderful time to get the kids excited. We’ve got a wonderful DIY Christmas Tree Craft idea your kids will love. Our Christmas Tree Art Project is creative, easy to make, and a gorgeous keepsake for loved ones. You could even shrink down the size of the template to fit a Christmas Card to send to friends and family. This is a fantastic project for multiple ages and abilities and a fun way to get family and friends together around the holiday table. However you create, you’ll want to display your child’s Christmas Tree artwork year after year.

While there are a ton of fun Christmas Tree Crafts out there, this holiday craft is unique and special. With just a few materials, your child will have a beautiful and colorful Christmas tree in just a few minutes. Best of all, every tree turns into a unique masterpiece that children are excited to share.

Christmas Tree Craft Materials

Holiday Tree Craft Instructions

  1. Print our free Christmas Tree Craft Template on cardstock paper. We’ll be getting the paper wet, so you’ll want a thicker paper if possible. Turn over the template so that you are creating on the back side.

2. Use water to wet the paper a bit, then add the bleeding tissue paper circles in an overlapping fashion. You’ll want to think about your color choices so that you have colors blending into different hues, or even complementary colors to help the project pop. You can see in the photo above that warm colors were used on the area of the star, and then it transitions into cooler colors for the tree.

3. Add water over the top of the circles to ensure they are bleeding the colors onto the paper. However, be careful not to add too much water or you’ll get a “muted” look as the colors will be washed out a bit. Just enough water to transfer. You can play around with this to see on a scrap paper.

4. Once you have the outline filled with tissue paper, set the project aside to dry. You can use a blowdryer set to “low” to speed things up if you are short on time.

5. When dry, shake or peel off the tissue paper. You’ll see that once the tissue paper is removed, the color still remains. Flip your project back over so you can see the Christmas tree outline.

6. Cut on the black lines so that your tree is in 6 different pieces.

7. Choose a piece of construction paper with a dark color as your background. Begin laying out each element of the Christmas Tree in respective order, beginning with the star. Leave space in between each set of branches so that the background can show through.

8. Glue all pieces in sequential order as shown above.

9. Your Crafty Classroom Christmas Tree Craft is complete!

Frame your project to ensure it lasts year after year! What a fun Christmas decoration to pull out each winter. Scale this project down a bit to create a set of unique Christmas cards from the kiddos. Simply set your printer to print multiple pages per sheet and you’ll have a template just right for holiday cards. Your kiddos can create four at a time!


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