Fall Art Projects for Kids

Learning about fall leaves is a great time to work in some beautiful autumn art projects for kids. This fall leaf project helps children to understand patterns, hues, and the art technique of etching. Students of all ages can build key art skills and technique with this fun fall art lesson.

This project uses a fall leaf template so that students can focus on the art technique of etching. However, if you are using this project with older students you might have them draw their own fall leaf with the template as a visual example. That way each leaf will have it’s own unique qualities like your students.

Oil Pastel Fall Leaf Project Materials:

Step 1:

Print your leaf template above. Color in each section of the leaf using a different color of oil pastels. Press hard to get a nice thick layer down.

Step 2:

Add a variety of Fall colors to your leaf. Don’t forget to add in a few purples, they always look stunning with Fall colors.

Step 3:

Using a sharp wooden stick (I’m using a cuticle stick), scrape away the top layer of the pastel to begin to make designs and textures into each of your leaf sections.

Step 4:

You can make patterns, checkerboards, leaf veins, strips, swirls, triangles etc…..try to make a different pattern for each section.

Step 5:

Once you’ve added in all your patterns you can mount it to colored construction paper for a great background. I cut out the same leaf shape in tinfoil to make a shadow first.

Step 6:

All done! If you added a tinfoil shadow, you can continue the pattern by gently pressing into the foil with your stick.

Easy Fall Art for Kids

Hang your stunning fall leaves up on the bulletin board and pair them with a writing sample. Choose a favorite fall poem or rhyme for children to write and hang them next to their artwork.

Just look at those textures! How fun is that? Have you tried this fall leaf art project with your students? We’ve love to hear how it went! Leave us a comment below:

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