Zentangle Fall Leaf Art Project

In my homeschool classroom, there is nothing quite so beautiful as seeing beautiful fall leaf artwork hung on the walls. While you are likely busy in the fall, settling into your homeschool routine, don’t forget to schedule time for a variety of art projects! Not only will you build artistic expression and creativity, but you’ll enjoy the colorful and unique creations throughout the year.

Fall Leaf Art Project for Kids

Our Free Fall leaf art project for kids is just right for children of all ages. The details can be as intricate or as impressionistic as needed. Because an oak leaf template is used for this project, students that have the ability to color can create beautiful autumn leaves. You can adapt this project for younger students by removing the zentangle portion and having students learn about blending colors with oil pastels.

Autumn Leaf Art Project Materials:

Here are the required materials for this project:

Step 1:

Draw in your zentangle designs. Choose a different design for each section, and try to fill in every other section or so, leaving space to color in later

Step 2:

Using your Oil Pastels, begin to fill in the blank sections of your leaf. Start with two different hues of the same color.

Step 3:

Add in different colors of yellow, brown green and red. You’ll notice that I’m using the Red very sparingly, just to highlight certain edges of the leaves.

Step 4:

When your leaf is completely filled in, you can stop here, or cut out and glue to black construction paper. If you have time you can paint a watercolor background to really make your colors pop

Step 5:

I chose to start with a light purple background, using lots of water, and making circular strokes with my paintbrush I begin to fill in the background

Step 6:

For each side and edge I chose a different color to blend into the purple. I used blue on the right side of the paper, pink in the top left corner, and orange in the bottom left. This is a great way to add some character to your background.

Step 7:

I finished my background by taking a very light blue and filling in the remaining white on the left side of the leaf….sort of like a shadow.

Your leaf is complete! Mount to black construction paper for an instant frame, or hang in the classroom,


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