Polar Bear Paw Print Art Project

This stunning Arctic craft uses a bear paw print template.  Children use watercolor, ink and oil pastel to create a beautiful winter scene of a polar bear and her cub.  The second layer shows a seal hiding in it’s den, implying what the polar bear might be hunting for.



Ice Bear: The Arctic World of Polar Bears

This simple yet evocative book explores the polar bear s Arctic home and life cycle. Playful cubs, hungry boars, and intimidating sows Kazlowski’s photographs capture this fascinating species in all its beautiful and fearsome glory. More than 100 full-color images reveal the polar bear s world, as well as the entire Arctic landscape: rugged ice floes, magical aurora borealis, walruses, seals, Arctic foxes and rabbits, beluga whales, and a variety of birds including the snowy owl. Kazlowski also captures the Inuit people and their culture in which the polar bear plays a significant part.

Step 1

Choose two oil pastels for the claws.and color them about half way up in a triangle shape

Step 2

Look at a seal online to see the markings. I imagined my seal was hiding out under the snow. Draw a seal pattern in the middle paws. Dots, circles etc.

Step 3

Color your seal. I used grey at the top, mustard yellow, white, then peach. A little bit of pink near his face.

Step 4

Using watercolors add a little blue to your background.

Step 5

Choose a variety of different blues, into purples, then light pink near the top.

Step 6

While your watercolor is drying, take a black ink pen and color in the rest of your claws, leaving a small strip of white showing near the middle (This will make your claws pop out!)

Step 7

You can decide to stop here if you like, it’s really pretty as it is.

Step 8

But it’s absolutely stunning if you take the time to cut out and rearrange your shapes onto black construction paper.


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