Arctic Art Projects for Kids

These art projects and activities are a wonderful accompaniment to your lessons on the Arctic and polar regions. You could easily tie this unit in with our Inuit (Eskimo) craft projects to add in cultural studies as well.  While the focus of these art projects is the Arctic, we’ve included penguins and other polar animals as well.  Winter is a great time to learn about these amazing creatures that can survive in the lowest of temperatures.  Migration and Hibernation would also be good subjects to tie in to a thematic unit.

Polar Bear Landscape

Based off the beautiful arctic landscape scenes by Ted Harrison, this project is fun for children of all ages and definitely adds a color pop to your classroom!

Arctic Paw Print

This stunning Arctic craft uses a bear paw print template. Children use watercolor, ink and oil pastel to create a beautiful winter scene of a polar bear and her cub.

Northern Lights Art Project

This is a dreamy way to create a beautiful sunset or Northern lights backdrop for your winter scenes.

Inukshuk Rock Art

A simple way to make inukshuk statues is to glue them to cardboard. Older children might try their hand at balancing them instead. Find a collection of Inuit Art Projects Here.

Polar Bear Art Project

This art project is simple yet stunning and each project turns out so differently. Children work on warm and cool color blocking as well as patterns and design work.

Love these bear graphics?  Check out Fish Scraps Graphics for more.


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