Northern Lights Igloo Art Project


This is a dreamy way to create a beautiful Arctic sunset or Northern lights backdrop for your winter scenes.  



Aurora: A Tale of the Northern Lights

Alaskan storyteller and artist Mindy Dwyer has created a magical story of a young girl whose seeking and dreams lead her to a great discovery. The bright, luminous illustrations that accompany the story magically portray this tale of the origin of the Aurora Borealis, the glorious northern lights.

Step 1

Cut out your igloo template a glue lightly to your art paper.

Step 2

Cut your bleeding tissue paper into thin strips.

Step 3

Using water and a paintbrush, begin to wet your paper and lay down strips of tissue paper. Wet the top of the tissue paper as well.

Step 4

Layer your tissue paper to blend the colors. Continue to wet the paper as you go.

Step 5

Fill your paper with tissue paper strips. Allow to dry.

Step 6

When dry, carefully peel back your tissue stips to reveal the color patterns below.

Step 7

Use Watercolor Crayons (or simple watercolor paints) to add some color to your igloo.


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