Fall Leaf Art Projects for Kids

Fall is a great time to start new art projects with your children.  With all the colorful leaves and foliage there is plenty of inspiration to be found. These Fall leaf art projects are designed to teach children new ways they can color, shade and create texture with different art mediums.  Templates are provided as an option for younger children, those who become frustrated with drawing or struggle with perfectionism, that way children can focus on learning with the medium and technique instead.

Watercolor Fall Leaf Art Project

This geometric fall leaf watercolor project is sure to be a hit in your classroom! can be done alongside an art lesson on hues, and radial art, or even adapted for cubism.

Fall Art Project for Kids

This fun fall art project for kids is simple enough for students of all ages! All you need to do is collect some fall leaves and break out the paint!

Zentangle Fall Leaf Art Project for Kids

This Fall leaf art project for children combines zentangle with oil pastels and watercolor for a stunning look. Great for children in late elementary or Middle School.

Fall Leaf Watercolor Spray Art Project for Kids

This fun fall art project for kids will have your little ones begging to make more! Each leaf is silhouetted with a variety of watercolor sprays!

Texture & Patterned Fall Leaf Art

This is a Fall Leaf Art project for children of all ages. Using simple techniques, children can design a leaf with multiple colors and textures for a vibrant outcome.

Fall Leaf Art Project For Kids

Students of all ages love this Fall Leaf Art Project. Using Chalk Pastels, this project is great for a First Day of Fall Art Project.

Abstract Fall Leaf Watercolor Art

Here is another stunning fall leaf art project for kids! Using neon watercolor paints your kiddos can create this stunning abstract painting in no time!

Painting Fall Leaves Art Collage

Here is a SIMPLE yet exciting way to capture some of those beautiful fall colors in your classroom. Students collect their own autumn leaves, paint and print them to make a unique fall collage.

Parts of a Leaf Worksheets

Free parts of a leaf science notebook printables. A great set including a chart, labeling worksheet, cut and paste activity, notebooking and coloring page.

Printable Fall Leaf Art Cards

This set includes five different leaves each with different shapes, colors and textures for your little artists to explore. These are super simple to print out and lay on the table for some quick art projects this Fall!

Fall Leaf Printables

A great set of free fall leaf preschool printables, games, worksheets, activities and resources.


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