When we think of fall, we typically think of leaves, right? We can’t get through this beautiful cool season without the kids creating a masterful project of leaves! Our next creative activity is our Fall Leaf Craft in a Collage style. It’s for everyone at any age, yet, little kids will absolutely adore this one as it includes beautiful array of colors and a variety of leaves.

Running out of ideas for fun crafts with preschoolers or any age? We are filled with Fun Fall Leaf Craft ideas for displaying, gift giving, and showcasing. This autumn leaf craft includes very few materials with just a few fresh leaves.


Here is a list of what to collect for this fall art proejct:


  1. Collect 4 or 5 different types of fresh, healthy leaves.

2. With your paintbrush, select the color red and paint the front part of the leaf as shown above. Don’t worry at all about the colors mixing, this will yield wonderful results with your leaf prints. I used the same brush for dipping into all the colors so that all these beautiful blends would come through.

3. Flip your leaf over carefully and press gently to “stamp” the leaf print. Leave it in position to dry.

4. Choose another leaf from a different tree perhaps, and continue the process as before. Look for other colors you can use to bring excitement to your leaf prints. I’m using purple with yellow and a little blue.

5. Continue adding remaining leaves using the same process, using 2 or 3 varieties of colors. The different leaf shapes and the variety of colors with help your final project pop with unique qualities. Remember, not all leaves change to orange and red. Some change to yellow, brown, and even sometimes dark purple.

6. Be sure you are visually planning out the use of your white space as well. You’ll need more room for the larger leaves, and you’ll want your leaves facing different directions. It will look too “uniform” to have then all standing straight up or pointing the same way, so try for some variety in your print-making as well.

7. When you’ve filled your paper with beautiful fall leaves, you’ll want to pull them off BEFORE they dry. Personally, I like the texture pattern of lines that are made by pulling the leaves off while the paint is still wet. Additionally, you might find that your leaf dries into the paint and ends up stuck, so be sure to pull them off before that happens!

Once removed you’ll see the leaf outlines the veings and sometimes any unique cracks or tears in your leaf. The end result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind fall leaf artwork your kiddos will be proud to hang on the classroom walls!

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