Polar Bear Landscape Art Project


This polar bear landscape art project is colorful and stunning when finished.  Tie this in with an artist study of Ted Harrison and you’ll have a wonderful Arctic unit for your classroom.


Step 1

Print and cut out your polar bear and cub template. You can print on white or black paper for different effects.

Step 2

Choose one color from your oil pastels and draw a wavy shape across the top corner.

Step 3

Add a second wavy shape next to your first shape. Follow the same curve without touching the first color. You want to leave blank space in between the two colors.

Step 4

Add in more shapes of different colors. Try to keep the amount of blank space consistant in width through out your paper.

Step 5

We’re going for an abstract landscape so long wavy shapes at the top look like patterns in the clouds. Add a few mountain type shapes, maybe even some waves or watery shapes near the middle and bottom.

Step 6

Fill you page completly with color. Go back and look closely at all your blank spaces….do you want them closer? Are they all the same width?

Step 7

Choose a place for your polar bear template and glue it down to your project.

Step 8

All Done! This project is a keeper, be sure to hang it up or share it with a friend!


A Brush Full of Color: The World of Ted Harrison

Ted Harrison’s brightly coloured and wildly imaginative paintings set in the Yukon have become synonymous with the North. His instantly-recognizable images of the land of the midnight sun hang in galleries and private collections around the world. But how did a boy who grew up in a drab mining town in northeast England become one of Canada’s most beloved and decorated artists? A Brush Full of Colour is the story of a boy whose passion for learning would save him from a life in the coalmines.


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