Anatomy Crafts for Kids

Learning about Human Anatomy provides children with ample opportunity to get hands-on in the classroom.  Children of all ages enjoy learning about their bodies and the amazing intricacies that make them work.  The design of mankind is such a beautiful reflection of our creator and provides us with insight into the inner-workings of life down to the microscopic details.  We’ve collected and provided crafts, projects and activities you can add to your thematic unit studies below.

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

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Cell Color and Label Sheets

Animal and Plant Cell coloring pages for kids. These are perfect for science notebooks and this set includes a reference chart, labeling worksheet, notebooking page, and coloring page.

The Brain & Nervous System

This is a collection of crafts and activities you can use alongside your studies on the human brain. There are a few spinal cord, and nerve crafts to go along with a broader Nervous System unit study.

The Human Eye

Here are some fun hands-on activities and
printables you can use for teaching children
about the human eye. This can be a really fun
topic as children love to explore different visual

Our Skin

We’ve put together some activities and resources that will enliven your unit studies with lots of “hands-on” fun!


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