Human Skin Crafts & Activities

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Learning about the Human Body is great fun! Exploring and understanding the amazing structure and design within the composition of human life, inevitably points to a Creator. Oh what a blessing to be made in the image of God! Use our crafts, activities and ideas to enhance your science lessons!

Fingerprinting Fun

Show children how God has made each and everyone of us unique. Use a washable ink pad and let children take a close look at the different patterns and markings they leave pad and let children take a close look at the pad and let children take a close look at the different patterns markings they leave

Fingerprint Art

Have children look at their fingerprints using a magnifying glass. Help them look for identifying marks and loops and then recreate the image on paper. Use a black sharpie for the lines and different colors to fill in the spaces.

Sunscreen Paper Fading

When learning about skin, it’s a great time care of their skin. Use Sunscreen on construction paper effects of Sun Damage. (Scientific Method Printables)

Glue Skin

Another fun “skin” science activity. Take a bit of hand. Let it dry, then slowly peel it off. You’ll have a (creepy) but cool look as the detailed markings of the epidermis.

Skin Labeling Game

Add this fun skin labeling file folder game to your science notebook. This is a great way for children to learn more about the anatomy of their skin. There is also a matching worksheet that would make a fantastic test to wrap up your unit.

Albino Animals

Learn about albinism and the basics of what causes it. Explore the web looking at all of God’s creatures, doing an image search. This is a handy download for learning more about the genetics behind Albinism.

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:



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