Bird Crafts for Kids

Children love to learn about birds!  From the time they can look out the window and recognize moving creatures they fall in love with them.  Learning about birds opens the door to many other important concepts like the seasons, migration, taking care of young, nesting, and habitats.  Starting a backyard bird journal or simply looking up different kinds of birds for identification is a great way to ignite a love of science and creation.  We keep a handy Bird Guide near by our windows for a quick look up of each bird we see.  If you’re near the Pacific Northwest I highly recommend purchasing Birds of Oregon and a set of Timber Press Field Guides, they have amazing photos, thick glossy pages,  and enough information to last your children through adulthood.

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

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Robin's Egg Nest Craft

This is a fantastic way to make a birds nest with yarn. Add some blue robins eggs to make it more realistic! Children can show these off as Spring centerpieces on your kitchen table.

Owl Crafts for Kids

We have an entire collection of Owl crafts and activities. This is a great way to add in a little artistic fun when learning about Owls or Raptors. Children can make thier own pinecone owls, compile an owl mosaic, dissect an owl pellet, watercolor with barn owls and more.

Bird Poetry

Glue birdseed to a carstock shape of a bird and write a little poem about feeding birds below. You can copy the one we provided for younger children.

State Bird Activity Pages

With these activity pages children can learn all about the State Birds of the USA. This set is available in our eStore and coordinates with our 50 State Activity Book.

Bagel Bird Feeder Craft

Feeding the birds is fun for all ages! These super simple bagel bird feeders are perfect for hanging up in the backyard. Cut a bagel in half, and string a piece of yarn through the hole. Spread peanut butter on top them sprinkle bird seed to stick.

Bird Seed Nest Craft

The use of glue and basic bird seed can make for some pretty artistic collages. Children can make any pattern they choose for a unique effect. Print up a little birdy for the nest!

Build a Bird Nest

Such a simple activity that we almost forgot about it! Supply your children with various objects found around the yard, and urban scraps like string, paper, cotton ect... to get them thinking what a bird might find useful for nest building.

Red Robin Craft

Red Breasted Robins! This makes a great craft and activitiy when learning about backyard birds...and a great way to use up those extra Valentine's day Decorations (see the little hearts?)

Bald Eagle Craft

This is a great craft to make when your learning about bald eagles. This craft also goes with our Patriotic Crafts.


Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

birdstickers    birdnest    birdlog    BirdBinoc


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