Space Crafts

Who doesn’t love an opportunity to get you the glow in the dark paints? Use our space crafts in your classroom or homeschool as you teach children about the  different heavenly bodies, and remind them how beautiful God’s creations are! Children can make a shiny sun, ringed planet, constellations, spiral galaxy and a Jupiter mosaic.

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:


Jupiter Mosaic Craft

This beautiful planet is made from different
colored beans! This is a great way to getchildren really looking at different patterns and colors.

Constellation Craft

Children love to look for pictures in the
stars! Show them how to make their
own with this fun constellations on paper. Use a white crayon on white paper to make your stars. Then using watercolor paint over your crayon to reveal your constellation.

Ringed Planet Craft

Glow in the Dark paint makes this fun
ringed planet a fantastic decoration for
your children’s bedroom! Cut a styrafoam ball in half, then paint with glow in the dar paint. Glue an old cd in the middle and paint with glow paint.

Sugar Moon Drops

This is a great activity when learning
about the moon! Children make these
fun and sweet pictures of our moon. Use a piece of black construction paper. Draw the moon in the middle. Use glue drops to make stars and comets then cover with glitter or sugar. Food coloring on top will add bright colors.

Spiral Galaxy Craft

Make this spiral galazy with some glow in the dark paint and a paper plate. Paing the plate entirely then cut a spiral shape working your way from the outside of the plate to the center. Hang up for a glowing spinning galaxy.

Shiny Ball of Fire

Every classroom needs a sun! Make this
fun Shiny Ball of Fire to remind children
what the sun is really like! Use Different colors of yellow tissue paper found at the Dollar Tree and follow this tutorial from Happy Together.

Solar System Printables

This set features coloring pages, clipart, worksheets and notebooking pages about our solar system. These resources are perfect for creating your own science journal during your astronomy unit.

God Made the Planets Preschool Lesson

We have an entire preschool lesson you can use to teach a thematic unit in your classroom. You’ll find stories, games, crafts, coloring pages, worksheets and more on our sister site

Solar System Clipart

Free space clipart of our planetary solar system This is a free black and white set you can use to make teaching resources for your students. Available on our sisiter site

Space Shuttle Lapbook

We have a free Space lapbook available on our sister site This set includes a shuttle labeling worksheet, race to the moon sequencing cards, famous american astonauts minibook, Bible verse, copywork, story starter notebooking page, space clipart, space probe accordion booklet, robotic arm pop out, a 10 page space travel journal and more.


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    great resources

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    […] Space Crafts: A collection of fun crafts using supplies you have around the house already. […]

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