Jupiter Craft for Kids


Children love to learn about all the planets around us. This is a bean mosaic of the planet Jupiter! Learn about all the wild weather on Jupiter and create this art project as a fun way to help them remember Jupiter’s Great RedSpot!


  •  Cardboard Circle
  • Beans (check wholesale/bulk stores)
  • Glue

Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:


Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Cut out a circle from your cardboard.
(Optional use of paper plate instead)

Step 2

Look at the pictures of Jupiter. Draw in
some lines to represent the different
colors. Make a big space for the Great
Red Spot

Step 3

Spread out and separate your beans by

Step 4

Start to glue your beans!

Step 5

Add in another color of the atmosphere.

Step 6

Start adding in the rest of the colors by
looking at the photo of Jupiter and
swirling the colors.

Step 7

Fill up the entire circle and let your
planet dry for a while.

Step 8

You can mount your planet to black tag board and draw in the moons as well.


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