Garden Crafts For Kids

Children can use these crafts to bring a little fun into the garden.  Whether you have a farm or a small container garden to work with it’s important for children to experience the joy of keeping care of plants. We recommend starting an indoor herb garden near the windowsill, and encouraging children to be in charge of watering and tending to their care. Our garden crafts can go alongside key gardening ideas, such as composting, fertilization, spacing, and plant knowledge in general. If you’d like your child to keep a journal, check out our free Garden Lapbook on our sister site.

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:


Clay Pot Mosaic Craft

Children love to customize their gardens. Use a hot glue gun and some craft store pebbles to create custom flower pots with your children.

Clay Pot Flower Markers

These bejewled flower pot markers are made with puffy paint and some craft store rhinestones. Great for sprucing up your garden and marking where your plants go.

Popsicle Stick Garden Markers

This is a great inexpensive idea for adding a bit of personalization to your Garden. Great for all This is a great inexpensive idea for adding a bit ages! Simply glue craft sticks together to make garden markers for all your vegetables this year.

Bagel Birdfeeder Craft

It’s fun to attract animals to our gardens! Make these fun bagel bird feeders to bring birds and other creatures near. Slice a bagel in half, string a piece of yarn through the hole to hang it with. Spread peanut butter over the top, then dip in bird seed. Hang up where birds are sure to enjoy!

Paper Strip Flower Craft

Need to add some color to your classroom in the Winter? Make these beautiful blooms anytime for some added decoration!

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

These look difficult, but they are a snap to make! Children love how they turn out, and it’s great to learn about plants on a vine.

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:


Science Adventure Garden Kit

Young Scientists will make a terrarium, learn about underground habitats, explore the
different parts of plants, test the soil, design a mini-garden, grow all kinds of seeds,
perform plant experiments, identify bugs and their habitats, make a working sun dial,
and much more.  
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