Patriotic Crafts for Kids

Crafts all about our National icons!  From Bald eagles to the Statue of Liberty to Mount Rushmore, using crafts in your classroom will enhance your studies of our wonderful country.  Crafts are perfect for learning about our nation’s history and the symbols we use to remind us of our daily freedoms.  Each craft below can be adapted to work with Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Fourth of July, President’s Day and more.

George Washington Craft For Kids

Celebrate President’s Day with this fun and free George Washington Craft for Kids! This simple craft requires a paper plate, a few cotton balls, and some wiggle eyes!

American Flag Craft

This flag helps children remember what the stars and stripes represent to the people of our great country!

Statue of Liberty Craft

Make these fun statue of liberty crowns with a couple of paper plates! You can snag green colored plates at the Dollar Store or paint white ones green!

U.S. Government Notebooking Pages

Making an American Government notebook is a great project you can do with children of any age. Use them as a buildable resource, adding new facts and resources each year as you study about our great Nation. We have some great printables to help you organize your notebook.

Mount Rushmore Craft

Children love to learn about our National Landmarks, especially Mt. Rushmore and all the hard work that was put into it.

Mayflower Craft for Kids

This is a Mayflower craft for kids to make when learning about our Nations History. Use two paper plates to create a pocket, then a popsicle stick glued to the remaining paper plate pieces for the flag. Children can store facts, figures or The Mayflower Compact inside the pocket.

Religious Freedom Craft

Children can make this stained glass window to remind them that in America, we have the freedom worship God in any church we choose.

Tricorn Hat Craft

Our George Washington Tricorn Hat craft is fantastic for your Presidents Day celebrations!

Symbolic Flag Craft

Teach children that the different shapes and colors on a flag can design their own flag based on their morals and values. Provide children with a variety of cut out shapes and colored construction paper. When they are finished ask them about their flag. What do the colors and the shapes represent? Why is that important to you?

Bald Eagle Craft

This little guy is adorable! He makes a great activity for children who are learning about bald eagles, and American Symbols. Blow up a small white balloon, glue some white feathers on top for a crest, a wiggle eye to both sides and a orange foam beak.

Star Spangled Banner Visuals

We have a nice set of patriotic notebooking pages and visuals you can use with your thematic units. Children can learn The Star Spangled Banner, and use our printables to copy other Patriotic songs in their notebooks.

Pledge of Allegiance Printables

Our Pledge of Allegiance Printables are a great Younger children can use the color pages, while Our Pledge of Allegiance Printables are a great older children can use the notebooking pages and way to add some patriotism into your classroom. copywork sheets. This set includes the pledge written in the shape of a cross.

Patriotic File Folder Games

File Folder Games are a great way to include some interactive activities within your notebook. Find these games FREE on our Sister Site

Veteran’s Day Bible Printables

Celebrating Veteran’s Day in your classroom is a great opportunity to teach thankfulness. Even young children can learn the importance of taking care of people, and protecting the freedoms and values we hold so dearly.

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:


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