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Art Projects for Kids

Try our engaging and free easy art projects for kids!  We provide free art project ideas for all ages from preschool, kindergarten all the way through highschool. Our crafts for kids are organized by theme and include free photos and video tutorials, as well as printable art templates. These projects have been designed to cover important art standards and skills to fit well within your teaching plans or  homeschool art lessons

Whale Art Project for Kids

Our free ocean art projects for kids will provide you with simple tutorials and stunning results!  Students learn about blending and textures with this Whale's Tail Art Project at Sunset!

Seahorse Art Project

Seahorse Art Project for Kids

This seahorse is stunning and with our free seahorse art project template and tutorial, it couldn't be easier to create! Students will work with bleading tissue paper and paper piecing techniques. 

Jellyfish Art Project for Kids

Free jellyfish art project tutorial for students learning about ocean life. Students work with watercolor and glue-resist to create amazing texture for these vibrant jellies!  


Taj Mahal Art Project

Taj Mahal Art Project 

Pair this beautiful Taj Mahal art project alongside your studies on the country of India!  Use our free printable template and art tutorial to create this stunning art with your kids today.

Layers of the Earth Project

Layers of the Earth Project

Layers of the Earth Project for kids! Create this simple model of the earth’s layers for your next science project. Our quick 3D earth layers model includes a full tutorial and video so you can make your own. 

Landform Project Diorama

Create this amazing Landform project with your students today!  Pair this engaging, hand-on science project with your landform lessons for learning that lasts! Pair with our free landform printables for extra learning fun. 

How to Make Fossils for Kids

If your students are learning about fossils, we have a fun, hands-on project you can use to make DIY fossils.  Use with insects, shells, dinosaurs bone fossils, or whatever you have available. 


Chameleon Art Project

Your students will be wild about zentangle art after helping this adorable sleepy chameleon blend in stand out from the others! 

Andy Warhol Art Project

Explore the POP Art style of Andy Warhol with your students as you recreate famous art like Warhol's Cambell's Soup Cans.  Then, design your own Warhol style cupcakes, doughnuts, and more with our free Andy Warhol Art Templates.

Monet Art Project for Kids

Learn about Claude Monet and the beautiful impressionism style of art with this simple Monet Art Project for kids.  This project features Monet's famous Bridge over a Pond of Water Lillies as inspiration. 

Van Gogh Art project

Van Gogh Art Project for Kids

Create your own Starry Night with Van Gogh!  We have two Van Gogh art project tutorials using oil pastels or chalk pastels to bring movement and exciting visuals to your art projects. 

Kandinsky Art Project for Kids

Kandinsky Art Project For Kids

It couldn't be simpler to make these vibrant Kandinsky circles!  This project is fantastic for students of all ages, even preschool kiddos!  

Holiday & Seasonal Art Projects for Kids

If you're looking for the perfect art project to liven up your classroom for an upcoming holiday or season, we've got you covered!  Our art projects are amazing for your seasonal bulletin board displays, to share artwork with parents and anytime you want to provide your students with fun process art projects they can be proud of. 

Fall Leaf Art Project

Fall Leaf Watercolor Art

Create these stunning fall leaf art projects for kids using our free printable leaft templates, and craft tutorials. 

Fall Leaf Spray Paint Art

Watercolor Spray Paint is the secret to this colorful Fall Leaf Art Project! Collect some leaves on your next nature walk and create your own leaf shadow prints using this simple and easy technique.  It's sure to be a hit with your elementary students. 

Painting Leaf Art Project

Leaf Painting Art Project

Making leaf prints from painted leaves is always a fall favorite!  It's so fun to see the veins and texture of the leaf come through the prints. Gather your favorite fall leaf, and follow our free leaf painting art tutorial with your kids today. 

Polar Bear Art Project

If you're looking for an amazing polar bear art project for late elementary and middle school students, you'll love our polar bear scratch art oil pastel! Students work on warm and cool colors, texture, pattern and more. 

Snowflake Art Project

Students use bleeding tissue paper, scissor skills and paper piecing assembly on this free snowflake art project for kids. 

Northern lights

Northern Lights Art Project

Watercolor crayons and bleeding tissue paper combine to make this beautiful arctic art project for kids.  


Easter Cross Art Project

This free Easter Cross Art Project provides with you with a simple cross template for students to use with chalk pastels. An amazing process art project that results in stunning final projects. 

Heart Art Project for Kids

This 3D Heart Art Project is perfect for middle school students and will brighten up your hallways for Valentine's Day!  

Christmas Tree Art Project

Christmas Tree Art Project

Adorn your classroom with these vivid Christmas Tree Oil Pastel Art Projects.  Students work on warm and cool colors, saturation/hue, and more with this free Christmas Art Project for Kids. 

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Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids

Monet Art Project for Kids

Van Gogh Art Project for Kids

Van Gogh Art Project for PreK 

Kandinsky Art Project for Kids

Mondrian Art Project for Kids

Kandinsky Art Project for Kids


Whale Art Project for Kids

Seahorse Art Project for Kids

Jellyfish Art Project for Kids


Fall Leaf Watercolor Art Project

Fall Leaf  Spray Paint Art for Kids

Fall Leaf Chalk Pastel Art Project

Painting Fall Leaf Art Prints

Fall Leaf Zentangle Art Project

Fall Leaf Watercolor Art for Kids

Fall Leaf Abstract Art Prints

Textured Fall Leaf Scratch Art

Four Seasons Art Project for Kids


Polar Bear Art Project for Kids

Paw Print Art Project for Kids

Northern Lights Art Project for Kids

Arctic Landscape Art Project


Taj Mahal Art Project for Kids

Tiger Eyes Oil Pastel Project

Lotus Flower Sand Painting Painting

Peacock Art Project for Kids

Science Projects For Kids

Landform Diorama Science Project

Layers of the Earth Project

How to Make Fossils for Kids

Paper Mache Earth Science Project

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Easter Cross Art Project for Kids

Valentine's Day 3D Heart Project

Christmas Tree Art Project for Kids

Christmas Tree Tissue Paper Project

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Homeschooling Resources

A Winter Break to Remember

Wow. What a Winter Break. I usually plan on spending my Winter Break in the following ways: Cleaning Cooking for Christmas Curriculum Changing Instead I spent the majority of our break Scrambling. At the start of our Winter Vacation, we suddenly got 8 inches of snow dumped on us. Which WOULD have been lots of

Building your Homeschool Library

This year I invested in our Homeschool. Well, let me restated that….. This year I financially invested in our Homeschool, by bulking up our classroom library. It’s been long overdue, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Last year I added a couple of reference books to our collection, but this is

Clutter Free Homeschool Classroom

One of the most frequent emails I get is over our  Homeschool Classroom. And the most common question is, WHERE DOES IT ALL GO? (as in, is that REALLY all you have in your homeschool classroom?) And the answer is YES. And the answer is also NO. You see, we homeschool in our dining room.

Christmas Preschool Printables

  We’ve just released a new set of Nativity printables you can use with your children or students this Christmas season. Nativity Printable Pack Easy Download     (login or create a free account)  If you have slower internet speeds you can also download as individual components here: Nativity Printable Pack Individual Downloads More Christmas Printables and Resources: Scripture

Christmas Preschool Printables

We’ve just released a new set of Nativity printables you can use with your children or students this Christmas season.  We want to thank our subscribers by offering this download in an easy click download, but if you are unable to download such a large file you can still access individual components of this set

India Crafts for Kids: Taj Mahal

  Learning about India can be lots of fun for children of all ages and there are many opportunities to sneak in a little learning along the way too. We have a great selection of India crafts activities and resources for children, including our latest release: Taj Mahal Art Project for Kids. This art project

Rainforest Tree Frog Art

This is s fun way to build a textured canvas.  Children use black glue on black construction paper to outline the frog.  Then use colored oil pastels to fill him in.  The results are stunning and worthy of any classroom gallery!  You might even do a variety of rainforest animals with this technique. Materials: Step