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Art Projects for Kids

Try our engaging and free art projects with your students today! Featuring free photos and video tutorials, as well as printable art templates, these projects have been designed to fit well with your homeschool lessons. 

Seahorse Art Project
Free Homeschool Planner

Free Homeschool Planner

Are you ready to plan your homeschool year? With our Simple Homeschool Planner, mapping out your year has never been simpler. The Simple Homeschool Planner provides you with the framework you need to create an organized and smooth homeschool year!

  • Year at a Glance Monthly Calendar
  • Homeschool Goal Planning
  • Homeschool Curriculum Plan
  • Homeschool Course Planner
  • Weekly Homeschool Calendar

Free Student Portfolio

A student portfolio is a means of record-keeping and assessment. It demonstrates what has been learned by a child in a specific area of study or over a particular time period. The portfolio is more than just a collection of grades or transcripts. Portfolios show a student’s ability and experiences. It is a living collection that grows and changes over time

  • Weekly Tracking & Daily Attendance
  • Quiz & Test Scores
  • Volunteer & Field Trip Log
  • Daily Subjects & Fitness Tracking
  • Homeschool Report Card

Homeschooling Resources

Homeschool Checklist by Month

You are ready to start homeschooling, now what? Keeping up with homeschooling is the easiest way to succeed. Here’s a month-by-month checklist of what to do in your homeschool. If you run on a different schedule, simply count September as month 1 of your year and go from there. Here’s…

Simple Science Projects for Kids

Stuck home and looking for something to keep the kids busy? Science experiments are a fun and educational way to bust the boredom and keep learning. However, what if you don’t have a huge chemistry set or expensive scientific tools? You can do amazing experiments with items you find around…

Scientific Method for Kids

What kid doesn’t like blowing up things and getting messy? While Moms are not real keen on the idea of messes, they also know it’s just a part of the learning process. However, it’s not just about the experiments, it’s also about the process. Here is how the scientific method…

When to Switch Homeschool Curriculum

You have spent weeks or maybe months planning your homeschool year. Everything seems set and you know this will be the best year, ever. However, it isn’t. You are struggling and that shiny new curriculum is no longer exciting. You pictured these amazing days with everyone eager to dive in…

Building Fine Motor Skills with Tracing

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are the backbones of all education. Usually, people think of writing as essays, poems, and research papers. However, writing includes handwriting in script and manuscript print. So, learning to write and practicing handwriting are in fact important activities. In fact, they are brain-building activities that deserve…

10 Winter Homeschool Activities

Winter is here and the house is full—full of noise, kids, and opportunity. The outside world may be sleeping but that doesn’t mean learning and fun have to stop. Winter is a great time to have some fun, learn a ton, and jump into exciting activities as a family. Whether…

Leaf Unit Study

Fall is in the air! It’s time for pumpkin spice and apple cider donuts. Leaves changing color is the telltale sign that Fall is officially here. Autumn is a perfect time to harvest some fun learning and explore new projects as a family. There’s so much to do with Fall…

How to Encourage Independent Learning

Homeschooling is hard work. You may be feeling overwhelmed by how much work it is, especially if you have a few children. There is only one of you versus a mountain of lessons, housework, activity schedules, and laundry. However, just because you are homeschooling, doesn’t mean you have to be…