• Creation Activity Pack

    Creation Activity Pack

    Learning about the Days of Creation is always a fun lesson for your homeschool or Sunday School classroom.  Today, we’ve released a special K-5 Activity Pack that includes TONS of fun for teaching the Days of Creation to your students. This Creation Activity Pack is the perfect accompaniment to your …Read More »
  • Investing In Your Students – Making Time

    Investing In Your Students – Making Time

    As a teacher, you do more than simply teaching reading and writing to your students. You teach them how to be law-abiding citizens, how to be kind friends, how to be a good person.Teaching is about investing in your students, making time to teach them everything they need to know …Read More »
  • Free Homeschool Planner

    Free Homeschool Planner

    I know you are likely winding down from your 2017 homeschool year, and I am right there with you!  We are counting down the days till summer vacation over here, and it can’t come quick enough!  With the wrapping up of another successful homeschool year, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect …Read More »