Building your Homeschool Library

Building your Homeschool Library

This year I invested in our Homeschool.

Well, let me restated that…..

This year I financially invested in our Homeschool,
by bulking up our classroom library.

It’s been long overdue, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

Last year I added a couple of reference books to our collection,
but this is the first year that I’ve strategically added bundles of books to target specific areas of study.

Most of these purchases will stay relevant up to or through highschool,
which is why I consider it a financial investment.

Missionary Stories:
Christian Hero’s Then & Now. I purchased quite a few of these titles, mostly for the countries that we’ll be studying this year (India, China, Africa, Japan, Australia). These are told in story format, hold children’s attention, and most of all highlight each individual missionary’s work and love for God.

Country Studies:
Destination Detectives. This is such a great set of middle grade reference books. They are colorful, full of photographs and facts about each country. I ordered the complete set, and will be using them through the coming years as we learn about different countries and cultures. I wish there were more titles to this set, I’d order them all.

Art History:
Metropolitan Museum of Art (my post last month). Love how these teach children how to identify artwork by each individual artists style and technique.

Reference Books:
Besides our Dictionary, Thesauras, Atlas and World History Reference Books, this year I picked up quite a few Timber Press Field Guides. I purchased this set at the start of Summer, we got Wildflowers, Mushrooms, Wildlife, and a few others. My kiddos have quickly realized where to go when they find a weird creature or different looking leaf in the yard. I love this corner of our classroom as it encourages them to investigate on their own.

Science Resources
Rocks, Minerals & Fossils. Okay, I overdid it a bit here. I felt like a school child in a candy shop when I thought about the possibilities. But in Oregon have a fantastic Rock Museum, The Oregon Caves, Lava & Fossil beds to explore, and we live on a big ole Oregon Mountain. I thought this would be a great jumpstart to learning and exploring our own surroundings. I also told myself that I’d share the collection with other homeschool moms friends to get the most use out of such a big purchase…..homeschool justification at it’s finest people.

Finally, our biggest purchase this year was Sonlight Core F.

Which came with a ZILLION books. No kidding.
This is one years worth of reading with Sonlight.
Core F, specifically focuses on different cultures (China, Japan, India, Australia, Africa)
which was exactly what I wanted to cover this year.
The kids were more then excited to help unpack and order the books according to country.
They have begged and begged to get into the books for bedtime reading.

I know it’s going to be a great year!


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