A Winter Break to Remember

A Winter Break to Remember

Wow. What a Winter Break.

I usually plan on spending my Winter Break in the following ways:

Cooking for Christmas
Curriculum Changing

Instead I spent the majority of our break Scrambling.

At the start of our Winter Vacation, we suddenly got 8 inches of snow dumped on us.

Which WOULD have been lots of fun, if our power didn’t go out along with it.

Our power stayed out for over 3 days.

Living by candle light sounds a little romantic right?

It wasn’t.

Think cold corn out of a can for dinner.

Think no hot water.

Think no running water at all.

Think children bundled up in every outfit they own, and then uttering “I have to pee”

Think toilets that won’t flush.

Think trees blocking the only driveway out.

It was not in any way romantic.

And when we couldn’t take any more of it,
sawed down the trees,
and spent hours shoveling the snow off our long steep driveway,
and then we forked over any and all extra Christmas cash for a hotel….

And a generator…..

And a cord of wood….

And then even a cute little chainsaw…..
(which I finally found a reason to buy)

And when everyone’s toes were no longer frozen,
we somehow drove (read: fishtailed) our way back up the driveway just in time for Christmas.


So my Winter break didn’t go according to plan.

I didn’t get to do much holiday baking.

I ended up cleaning much more then I anticipated.
much, much more.

And I only got ONE thing checked off my Curriculum list.

My break wasn’t a break at all!

So….in good ole’ Homeschool fashion,
I decided to extend OUR Winter break until next Monday.

I’m going to bake.
I’m going to re-energize our curriculum and classroom.
And I’m NOT going to clean.

I’m sure that t’s going to be a great week!

You can imagine my students were pretty happy about this news too.
Maybe they will vote me Teacher of the Month?


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