Phonics Game for Kids

Teaching kids how to read can be intimidating for first-time teachers. Yet, if you’re a veteran teacher, it can be stressful keeping the kids from getting bored. That’s why our Phonics Game for Kids are great for newbies and veteran teachers! HINT: Pair this with our Interactive Reading Program for extra Practice

If you have a child who is learning basic phonic skills, a struggling reader, or is ready for early reading skills, keep reading! With our DIY Phonics Game for Kids that are hands on, your kids will learn new digraphs or trigraphs in no time. Plus, it will keep the kids busy for hours while learning!

How Does a DIY Phonics Game Work

Wondering how our easy and creative language arts game work? Children simply match up letter blocks to word-ending blocks to create new words.  Keeping score for each assembled word makes this a fun and engaging activity for multiple children.

Word Family Game

Print this free Roll-a-Word score card to use with your word family blocks. There is room for four players to write in the words they make with each turn. The goal is to hit 15 words to win!

Phonics Game Materials

DIY Phonics Game Instructions

  1. Determine what word families you want to use for your DIY Phonics Game in the phonics game printable. Count your blocks and lay them out to prepare for painting. Keep the correct amount of blocks paint free to use for the beginning sounds.

2. Paint several sides of multiple blocks with your choice of color. As you switch sides, make sure to let it air dry before beginning a new one.

3. When all blocks are dry, using a black sharpie, write your two letter or three letter endings using the phonics word family printables.

4. Write your beginning letters as well on the paint free blocks.

4. Print out Roll A Word Printable and prepare for having a fun game with up to 4 players!

5. First player rolls 3 beginning sound blocks and 5 ending word family blocks.

6. Keep track of all words discovered with each player. For each word, player gets a point. The first player who fills their column with 15 words is declared the winner!

7. Have a great time with this game. Building blocks also build proficient readers!

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  • Heather Cates Reply

    Hello :-) I am making this game for my kinder and would love to know which word families you chose to use. Were they all the ones from Thank you for sharing!

    October 4, 2015 at 10:35 am
  • Shae Smith Reply

    Can this game be played with 2nd graders or multi syllabic words?

    October 13, 2021 at 2:15 pm

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