Mount Rushmore Art Project for Kids


Children love to learn about our National Landmarks, especially Mt. Rushmore and all the hard work that was put into it.  There are some amazing websites and videos online for children to watch how it was made, but it’s always more fun to recreate this landmark with some creative sculpture.


  • Clay or Playdough
  • Sculpting Tools

Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:


Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Find a visual photograph of Mount Rushmore to base your sculpture on. Roll out four logs of clay, each one will be a different figure

Step 2

Gather a variety of tools you can use for sculpting. Popsicle sticks, straws, knives, spoons, etc…..anything that can be used to create texture or help with sculpting.

Step 3

Begin to shape your log by defining an area for the head separate from the shoulders. Use your fingers to pinch in the indentations.

Step 4

Use your fingers to pinch out a nose. Use your tools to make indentations for the eyes and mouth.

Step 5

Flatten and shape a separate pieces of clay to use for the hair

Step 6

Use tools to add texture to the hair and your fingers to merge it the hairline to the forehead.

Step 7

Roll out two oval eyes

Step 8

Press the eyes into their sockets. Add eyebrows, and lips.

Step 9

Use a small pointy tool to add in the eyeball.

Step 10

Continue to work your sculpture until you are satisfied with your result.

Repeat x4

Repeat the above steps for each figure in Mount Rushmore. Consider the side and placement, direction of the face etc…..

All Done!

Your Mount Rushmore sculpture is complete! This would make an excellent project alongside a National Landmark Unit Study.


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