Statue of Liberty Craft for Kids

StatuePinEvery child should learn about the Statue of Liberty! This is a great craft for children to make and wear. Use this alongside pretend play and role playing the events of our Nation’s history.


  • 2 Green Paper Plates (Paint them if necessary)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler



Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Patriot5   Patriot6   patriot1   patriot4

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Cut the first paper plate in half.

Step 2

Cut up the plate into wedges, you should have 8 wedges.

Step 3

Cut the second plate to the center

Step 4

Cut around the center circle. This will be the headband part.

Step 5

Cut out a piece of the band so that it will fit your child's head.

Step 7

Staple or glue the wedges to the crown as shown in the photo.

Step 8

Curve around the edges of the base of the band so that they are not sharp on your childs head

All Done

Your crown is ready to wear! You can add glitter or shiny paint to your crown for a sparkly effect.


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