Spiky Sea Urchin Craft for Kids

SeaUrchinPinThese spiky Sea Urchin creatures are lots of fun, and take minimal supplies to create. Just be careful because they really are spiky! They look wonderful in Ocean dioramas.





Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

SeaUrchin2 SeaUrchin   coralreef      seahorse4

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Roll up your modeling clay into a ball. Tap the bottom gently so that is fits flat against the table.

Step 2

Begin to stick your toothpicks into the clay. Not too far because you want them to stick out a bit.

Step 3

Go around the circle, putting in toothpicks every couple of spaces or so. You want it to be very full so try an fill it up as best as you can.

Step 4

Make yourself a variety of different sea urchins and put them on display in an Coral Reef Diorama.


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