Sea Creature Fan Book

SeaCreatureFanBookPinChildren can make this interactive sea creature fan book to remember all of their favorite ocean animals!



  • Black Construction Paper
  • Brad
  • Oil Pastels
  • Scissors or Circle Punch tool



Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

OilPastels   coralreef    seahorse3   seahorse4

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Cut out five circles from your black construction paper. We use a special cutting tool that makes circles. (Scrapbooking aisle)

Step 2

Go thorough the book and find some interesting creatures that live among the reefs. Use your pastels to draw a picture of them, then write their name in pencil. Older children can write facts on the back.

Step 3

Stack your circles atop one another, and punch a hole in the top (through all layers)

Step 4

Fasten your brad through the hole so that all of your circles are attached.

All Done

Fan out your book and share your favorite sea creatures with a friend!


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