Sandpaper Starfish Craft


These starfish are a blast to make and they turn out very colorful and full of texture. You could expand make Starfish crayon rubbings as well.


Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Cut a small piece of sandpaper for each child and instruct them to color it in with various colors of oil pastels

Step 2

Encourage children to use complementary colors to really pop! Creating a border like in the photo will have a great effect on the edges of the starfish.

Step 3

Draw a starfish shape on the back of the sandpaper and cut it out. Older children can do this themselves while younger children may need assistance.

Step 4

You can cut bubbles or other shapes from your remaining paper and glue to a sheet of black construction paper. Cut out a white paper to add a poem.

All done!

Use the space to write all about Starfish, or even a little poem. We used ours to think of an adjective for each letter in the word Starfish.

Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:


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