Bible Printables: Abraham

abraham bible printables

This post has been a long time coming.

You might already know that we’re using
The Mystery of History this year,
(you might be annoyed of all my posts about the program),
but the program is amazing and has quickly become the CORE
of our homeschool days.

It’s that good.

I quickly found myself scheduling art projects, crafts, and even reading and writing assignments to surround the weekly themes that are outlined in the curriculum.

(Here’s more on that)

With the MOH program you spend one lesson on Abraham,
but we soon found that we were enthralled by his story and decided
to turn it into a month long lesson.
(Wow. The joy of homeschooling!!)

First we learned about the lineage of Christ, as mentioned in Matthew. There is also a lineage in Luke, but this one started at Abraham, and since we learned about the promise that many would be blessed through Abraham we chose the one in Matthew.

There is also a book with a CD called The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats.We listen to it all the time and just learning it helps us keep track of Who’s who! This also goes from Abraham to Jesus.

We also learned that God’s promise was to be fullfilled through his son Isaac and not his son Ishmael. So I made this visual to help explain the lineage and for my children to copy the specific promise from the bible.

We also learned about Lot, and Sodom and Gomorrah. So I made this visual to show the children what “raining sulfur” might look like.

abraham bible crafts

After reading about Abraham, we watched this great video that takes children from the first calling of Abram, to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. I have quite a few of the videos in this series, they have been wonderful teaching tools over the years. If you have Netflix you can order them too.

To wrap up our study I made this Bible File Folder Game called, “God’s friend Abraham.”
Included are four sheets of questions you can use to help children review facts about Abraham and the people around him. This is a great way to quiz children on what they remember from the lessons as well.

We had a fantastic time learning about Abraham, and I ended up creating a TON more printables, crafts, and worksheets for our sister sites.

You can find the Preschool resources here on

And the K-5 resources here on

I hope you find these helpful for your own bible studies!

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Big I.Q. Kids: A TOS Review


Have you heard of Big I.Q. Kids?

Big I.Q. Kids is an online learning program for children
covering Math, Spelling, Vocabulary, and U.S. Geography.

Big I.Q Kids offers Free programs and Paid Premium programs.

I’ve used the Free spelling programs with each of my children in the past,
so I was semi-familiar with Big I.Q Kids before we were asked to review this program.

First if you haven’t yet tried Big I.Q. kids….you really should.
Because they offer the Free options for spelling and vocabulary
you can easily try them out with your children to see what you think.

Additionally you can even sample the Premium version for 7 days to
see if you think it’s worth paying for. (btw-I’ve linked to the chart outlining the differences between the free and paid versions below)

Again, since there is a free version and a paid version,
things might get a bit confusing here, but I’m reviewing the PAID
version for you today.

As part of the Big I.Q. Kids premium version, children get to customize their
character, and just for fun I thought I’d share the ones my children made:

Strikingly similar to their actual daily appearance
minus the pirate hat.
No, nevermind, that’s pretty accurate.


BigIQkids Spelling & Vocabulary: Complete Program is Free!
With a over 40,000 word dictionary, BigIQkids spelling & vocabulary program comes pre-loaded with 40 lessons for K-adult appropriate word lists. Or, as a parent or teacher, you can easily enter your own word lists and the program will automatically create a week’s worth of lessons, quizzes and tests around your own list with the goal of achieving 100% on the Friday spelling and vocabulary tests. The program includes tracking and progress reports. You can build your own curriculum or use our default settins. The program is completely customizable and goes around a student’s prograss.

What I Like about the Spelling/Vocabulary Program: I love that is free! You can customize word lists, take spelling tests, hear your word, and understand the meaning of your word, and my children’s favorite: Take a spelling bee!

What I Dislike about the Spelling/Vocabulary Program:
Computer Generated Voices. These are used throughout all the programs. They take a bit of getting used to. My kids don’t seem to mind though, but I wonder a bit when the program is teaching vocabulary and my children are asked to pronounce the word immediately after the computer says it. (I’ll also note that my son has a bit of a Speech issue, so I’m hypersensitive to what he is being taught)

BigIQkids Math Program:
(Free v. Premium Membership)
You can set up a child’s lesson to mirror what they are doing in their current curriculum. For example, if the child is on double digit addition and single digit multiplication, the program can focus on just these two areas providing invaluable practice and reinforcement that is certain to provide them with the tools to ace their next test. Or, BigMathTime can automatically generate grade specific and subject specific lessons as per your requirements.

What I Like about the Math Facts Program:

If there is one thing I’ve learned about homeschooling math, it’s that we can always use more proficiency with our math facts! They really do have to be MASTERED. And really, the only way to do that is with repetition and repetition and more repetition. This math program allows you to work with children on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These are the only topics covered with the match program and with the timer clock it’s really like an online worksheet. There isn’t a lesson, or demonstration or anything like that. However, when a child clicks on help, it pops up a small screen with a visual hint for how to solve the problem. Additionally you can really tailor this to fit your child’s ability level, and print up the worksheet or set your child up with a quiz.

What I Dislike about the Math Facts Program:
This is a Math FACTS program only. For the price of premium membership ($49.99/year) I would like to see a more expanded Scope of Sequence. Math isn’t just about Facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.) What about geometry, and algebra? I have a third grader who is needing these important foundations in math and $50 is 20% of my homeschool budget. Even with the tracking and the customization options, I simply can’t spend that much just on Math Facts alone.

U.S. States:
(Free v. Premium Membership)
Every elementary student will be confronted with the need to know their US State facts to mastery. BigStatesTime is the ultimate tool in learning the state’s location, capital, spelling, abbreviations and general state facts. The program allows parents/teachers to add additional facts which will be included in the child’s lessons and the program culminates in a “State Mastery Exam” that, if passed with 100% mastery, awards the child a State Master Certificate.

What I like about the U.S. States Program:
We loved this program. I haven’t found anything on the web that does what this program does, and I appreciate the fact that Big I.Q kids is providing this service. We are learning about the states this year and I love that my children can hop online and hear a few facts about each State. They also practice spelling the state, learning the state capital, and the abbreviation. Immediately after learning about the state they take a short quiz to make sure they were listening! This is a great program. I can set the difficulty level for each child, turn states on or off, and even set up a test.

What I Dislike about States Program:
While we enjoyed the States program much more than any other program on this site, again the price of $39.99/year is a huge chunk of change to us and it wouldn’t be something that we could afford. Love the program though, and I’m feeling very blessed to be able to review it.

Overall Thoughts:
In general this is a great program, but the cost is something you’ll want to consider before upgrading to a Premium membership. Additionally you should be aware that not only are there advertisements on the free version, there are advertisements in the GAME SECTION of the Premium versions as well. This was actually problematic for my 5 year old who clicked on an ad (thinking it was a game) and was taken offsite to an inappropriate website. Thankfully I was standing close to him and saw that he wasn’t on BigIQ anymore, but I was concerned none-the-less.

I emailed the owner of Big I.Q. Kids to let her know about the ad, and asked about their advertisement policy. I thought it was important that I share with you here about the response I recieved:
(Please note this is in reference to the Premium/Paid version)

“We are IN THE PROCESS of creating a totally AD FREE game page. Because the PREMIUM programs DOES NOT have ads in the lessons portion of the program. The only ADs the student can see in the PREMIUM program is via the game page. BUT, a parent can turn the game page OFF which will creaete an AD FREE program but not a happy student. :) We are working on our game page being an AD FREE game page.”

-Debra Marcionette

I posted this just for your reference, so you can also know why you might see advertisements in a paid site. I’m really glad to hear they are working on an Ad-free Premium version, and I for one completely understand the need to support the site with outside advertising. It can be quite difficult and a lot of work to make sure every add is Family friendly, it happens to me all the time, and Debra’s quick response showed me that was committed to having a safe place for my children to play online.


Overall I am really looking forward to seeing this company grow. I love to see things like the Interactive Homework lessons, and the Worldwide spelling competitions! I love that Debra provides so much of these programs for Free, and I sincerly hope that the premium version will fit more in our budget in the years to come.

Don’t just take my word for it!
This review is part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew,
check out what other homechool families thought of Big IQ Kids here!

Disclosure: This product was provided to me for free in exchange for my review as a member of the 2011-2012 The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Crew. My review of the product reflects my honest opinion.


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Yo Yo Hairbows

Last night, I dared to look into my craft closet.

I know what your thinking…
and YES the entire closet if filled with crafts

It’s nothing special, just a simple linen closet completly devoid of linen.
I love my Craft Closet.
There is a scrapbooking shelf, a sewing shelf, a knitting/yarn craft shelf
and then a shelf of “Open Projects” as I like to call them.

(One shelf actually has linen on it, with a few bedsheets smushed in between a serger and a sewing machine)

Oh, and as you’re reading this You might be noticing
that I haven’t included a photo of these lovely shelves,
It’s not because I forgot.

But Anyway, perched atop the “Open Project” shelf
I found my bag of Yo-Yo hairbows:

yo yo crafts for kids

And like a child who just found a bag of candy treasure,
I got all giddy and excited about this long forgotten project!

You see, I’ve actually been making these for a while now,
(I even sold them in boutique store before we moved)
and now I’m passing the torch, and sharing my super secret
Yo-yo hairbow tutorial
with the public.

(you’ll laugh at that later, because these are soooo easy to make)

In fact these are perfect beginning sewing projects for your little girls!
Which is exactly why I included the tutorials in our new Home Economic
Sewing Projects.

Yo-Yo Tutorial

Yo-Yo Hairbow Tutorial

Happy Sewing!

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Inuit Snow Goggles Craft

Awesome Book

Inuit Inventions

+ Awesome Craft

inuit crafts

= Hours of Pretend Play!

My house is filled with little (blond) Inuit children making “igloos’ from my couch cushions!

Make your own? Here’s the Step By Step with a printable template!

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Rocks and Minerals Discover Day!

Rocks and Minerals homeschool lesson

Last week I set up this Rocks and Minerals Discovery table for the kids to explore with! Let me tell you that they L-O-V-E-D it, and it was hard to wrap it up and move on to the next thing. (Don’t you just hate when you have to pry them away from learning in order to get them to eat something?)

minerals kit

I used a few different kits that I picked up at the local teacher store, as well as our local museum. If you’re looking to pick up a kit for your classroom, I think the Minerals kit was better because it came with a streak plate and a nail to test the rocks with. However, the more “fancy” rocks like the ones in the first photo are the ones we picked up at the Museum, and you can snag a nice kit of some here online.

Here are some photos of the different stations that I set up:

rocks and minerals activities

Rocks and Minerals activities

Click here for the rest of them, including details for each one.

Rocks and Minerals Printables

I also made up this handy Rocks and Minerals printable to keep track of all the information we collected about the rocks. These print 2 to a page so you can easily have a bunch on hand for your kiddos to fill out.


And CurrClick has a Rocks and Minerals Flash Card Set for Free!

Stay tuned for more Rocks and Minerals Activities!


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Make Your Own Fossils

We’ve been slowly fazing in some Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils to our science lessons, and this was one of the activities that we just had to do!

fossil crafts is a super simple way for children to make their own fossils.

I had no idea that Plaster of Paris could be so easy to work with!

(I had envisions of cement mixers, inhaling nasty white powder, and crusty rock formations on my best spatula)

However with a little prep work, None of that occurred, and we had a fantastic time making fossils!

And apparently our excavation site was somewhere in the Asian territory of a remote place called “ANIHC”

fossil crafts

Too Cute Right?

Click Here for full Photo Instructions!


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Word Ending Block Game

homeschool tools
I have been dreaming this up for weeks!

Okay, probably months, but I hesitate to let you know what a slacker I am.

word ending gameIMG_0794


Awesome right?

Besides looking so colorful and linguistic (which of course appeases ever nerve in my homeschool body) these actually make up a fun educational game as well:

homeschool crafts educational craftsIMG_0789

Total Score, I know!

So you play by rolling the dice and making words from the letters and word endings that you get.

For every word you can make, you get one point.

homeschool gamesIMG_0792

You can make these with as many letter blocks, and word ending blocks as you like depending on your child’s ability level. (We used 9 blocks total)

You can snag the wooden blocks at the craft store for about 50 cents a pop.

I put full instructions for how to make this game on our main site here!

dollar store crafts

I even found this cool wooden crate to store it in from the Dollar Tree!
What an Awesome Day!



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NEW! Family Math, Art, Geography, & Science Curriculum…..


Recently my 4 year old son (Bubba) has been showing interest and readiness to learn at a higher level then I’ve been presenting to him. I’m really excited to see the changes over the past few months:

He will sit for extended periods of time
He can hold a pencil the correct way most of the time without help
He knows his letters and the sounds they make
He is writing his name and other short words
He is beginning to recognize common words (Thanks Starfall!)
He is showing an interest in having “HIS OWN” school books (instead of sharing with Sissy)

I’m really excited because he has been such an “Energetic” little scout, and it’s been really hard to even attempt to lead any type of learning experience that required “FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS”


But I see that we are coming around the bend, and my little Preschooler just might be ready for some more one-on-one instructional learning.

Thus, I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks RE-Arranging my LIFE Homeschool schedule to fit him in a bit more, and of course researching curriculum choices that I could use for both children. I haven’t got it all just perfect yet (do we ever) but here are a couple of new additions to our Homeschool Curriculum that I wanted to share:


The Complete Book of Science:

I love this book not only because it is in full color (total score for entertainment factor) but it has 12 different sections that provide hands on learning alongside worksheets and reproducible charts and diagrams. One of the first topics we started with this book was “Our Human Body” and we made these life size representations of our organs, bones, and muscles. You can imagine that both kiddos were giggly excited to do this. (Now, we’re learning about Rocks and Minerals) You can read sample pages here….




Family Math:

I saw this book at a thrift store (after I read that a friend picked it up at a thrift store) and decided to give it a shot. I mean $2 is worth a shot right? Totally worth it. I love this book already, it has transformed Math time at our house in a matter of days. Both of my kids love the hands on activities, and they love learning alongside eachother when an activity fits both their ability levels. The best part about this book is that it tells you very clearly, what ages each activity is for, and then it has pictures and additional ideas for how to explore the concepts with each child. Here is Bubba playing one of the sorting and counting games:




Teaching Children ART:

Okay, I know…we don’t really need books to teach children art do we? Aside from subscribing to Art Projects for Kids, I’ve been using this book to make sure that the kiddos recieve some sort of formal traning on Art (you know like color theory and all that technical stuff) So far we’ve done a couple of lessons as a family, and both children have been very interested. Here are some photos of them learning about line (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal)



Little Passports

And for Geography…..Did you see? I won the 6 month Subscription to Little Passports, and should be receiving some fantastic learning materials soon! I can’t wait, so stay tuned for photos of those!

I’ve added all of our new books and resources to our Homeschool Curriculum page, in case you’re interested in what we’re using for the other topics too!


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