Christmas Party Hair

Today is the big Christmas Party at Awana’s, the Cubbies will have a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party, and the Sparks will decorate their leaders up like a Christmas Tree.

Sounds like fun right! (glad I’m not a sparks leader this year….*snicker)

Anyway, I found this amazingly simple hair tutorial, linked up via Frugal Family Fun Blog (Which by the way is one of my most favorite blogs….not just because her name is Valerie too…..but because of her amazing ideas and fantastic fun resources she shares……ahhh, we are alike in so many ways….*grins)

So since we’re having the big Awana Christmas party tonight, I thought I’d give it a go on Sissy’s hair:


It turned out really pretty, and was done in like 5 minutes!

This is my new favorite way to style her hair.
(Ok, it’s my only way…..and I’m sure when I get another evening to explore all the wonderful hair tutorials, I’ll have a few more favorites…..but for now this is AWESOME!)


The only thing different I did, was because Sissy has longer hair. So instead of flipping it back up, I tied it in a ponytail, braided it and put it in a bun, the secured the bun with another ponytail. Of course that held for half of the afternoon, and by the time I got the camera out to snap this photo, the bun was slowly unraveling, leaving us with this little lump of braid.


Still pretty though, and much nicer then the usual mess I send her to Sparks with.

PSSST……Wanna know what Sissy is working on? Here is a sneak peek:



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Pop-Up Nativity & Talking Jesus Giveaway!

Okay, Okay….I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I’m posting Christmas stuff.

But I wanted to make sure that you’d get these in time to use them for the month of December so I decided to have the giveaway in November!


I have two sets of these to give away!

So two people will each get a Pop-Up Nativity set, and a Talking Jesus toy.

(Those are the closest links I could find for them, they’re not exact but very close, sorry.)

Anyway, the nativity set is really neat, you press out all of the different characters and buildings to created your own nativity.

This would be fantastic for children who are learning about the nativity story, and can handle them.
(My three year old would tear them to pieces, I’m sure!)

When you’re finished the set will look something like this:


The talking Jesus toy is also really neat! We have this at home ourselves, and my son can literally repeat verbatim what Jesus says. It’s nice because he says a few different verses as well.


I think he’s quite handsome too, but that’s me
and I’m partial to bearded men

;) luv ya hun!

Anyway, here’s how to enter:


1. Comment below letting me know your favorite Christmas gift you ever gave or received.

Extra Entries:

2. If you Subscribe by email or RSS give yourself an extra entry

3. If you post about this giveaway, leave me the link and give yourself an extra entry.

I’ll draw two winners Tuesday November 24th!


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