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BibleNotebookingPin I’m so excited to release this set of Bible Notebooking Pages! I started this project years ago (2011 if we’re counting) when I needed VISUALS to use alongside our Mystery of History activities. While we also own a wonderful History Encyclopedia, filled with amazing photos and excerpts, I couldn’t help feeling that it would be great to have some photographs and such to use within our notebooking pages. Scouring the internet and adding them in one by one was how it started, and while it was great for building research skills it was SOOOOO time consuming. So I decided to make some visuals that included large colorful photographs as well as small areas for writing facts. Notebooking1

Now, this set doesn’t include every single event in Biblical or world history, but it does include many key events we compiled and arranged based on information gathered from a variety of resources. (see below) There are almost 100 pages covering Creation up to the Birth of Christ. We hope to add in some New Testament notebooking pages in the future (long term project) however the New Testament Timeline figures are already available here.

There is an optional Cover Page with Bible Verse:


Many of the Bible History Pages include multiple images of story sequencing.

(Thanks to Distant Shores Media for the amazing Bible Images)


Some pages include references to the lineage of Christ:


Some of the pages include charts or maps:


Some pages have interesting facts:


Most of the pages have space to write in key facts

However, you may want more room so be sure to download these Blank Notebooking Pages too


While binding your notebooking pages is pretty, I’ll suggest using a three ring notebook so you can add in extra pages easily. If you’d like to expand on a subject just add in one or two blank notebooking pages after your visual.

Circular Notebooking Pages

Square & Rectangle Notebooking Pages


And don’t forget to use our Free Bible Timeline Figures

alongside your notebooking journey!

BibleTimelineHeader2 Starting a Biblical timeline with your children is a great way to give them a historical foundation to back up their beliefs. I can tell you from personal experience that a lack of understanding leaves a child questioning who, what, why they are here. Even young children can learn that there is an everlasting creator, a beginning of time, a savior, and an end of time.

Looking to make History your Core for the year?

See below for our favorite History Resources:

Our Sources & Suggested Resources:

Illustrated Children’s Bible

Online Bible Timeline (free)

The Mystery of History

Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps & Charts

Kingfisher History Encyclopedia (secular)

Secondary Resources:

Student Bible Atlas

Trail Guide to Bible Geography

Classical History Copywork

Artistic Pursuits

So what about you?

Are you planning on making a History Notebook or Timeline with your kiddos this year?


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