Sea Creature Fan Book

Today we expanded our learning about Coral Reefs, by reading all about the amazing creatures that inhabit them. (We’re still reading Coral Reefs by Gail Gibbons) My children loved to ask “What’s this one called?”…”What’s this one?” as we turned each page. Everytime Bubba …who is 3….heard a name with “Shark” he’d say, “Oh, I like that one” and Sissy preferred the many kinds of starfish, and anemones….and clownfish “Because I’m good at drawing those”

So, since they both had their favorites, I figured out a way for them to make a fun little Sea Creature Fan book, where they can keep the names, and pictures of the ones they love.

Coral Reef Craft

These turned out really neat, you can
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Coral Reef Creatures

Last week at the library we picked up this amazing book by Gail Gibbons. I’m sure the name sounds familiar because she is the author / illustrator of over 50 children’s books. Anyway, this was one of those “spur of the momement’ type of learning oppurtunities.

Coral Reef Crafts

We weren’t really planning on learning about Coral Reefs, but the book was sitting atop of the children’s bookshelf, and it was just calling out to me………..

Pick Me!….Pick Me!….

I’ll teach your children all about God’s amazing creation!

Look at all my beautiful pictures…. read the simple yet informative text written upon my pages……

Your children will spend hours reading me, and looking at all the detailed pictures, ……they’ll beg you to tell them what the name of each amazing creature is………….

and come on…I’m free for 2 weeks….If you don’t like me, you can bring me back, drop me off and never think about me again.”

Yes….Yes, I will pick you little library book……At least someone thought you were special enough to display on top of all the others. Yes, you will serve us well. I’ve got big plans for you already. In the the bag you go

And thus began our learning about Coral Reefs. The amazingly intricate and intoxicating beauty that lies just below the surface of many of the worlds oceans. God has shown his glory with the details and the variety of creatures that we are learning about…..and it’s even more amazing to think that only He knows of some of those creatures mankind has yet to discover.

And I must say that my children are enthralled as well. Today we read about coral, and sea anemones. Then we worked on these vibrant sea anemone collages.

Coral Reef Craft

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