New and Updated Bible Crafts:
God Keep His Promises Bible Craft
Jesus Feeds 5000 Bible Craft
God Gives Me Strength Craft


Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Craft
Baby Jesus in the Manger Craft
Creation Activity Sheet

Stay tuned for more helpful resources!

Van Gogh & Matisse

We have completed a couple more of our Famous Artist crafts
this time we learned about Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse.

We are continuing to use the “Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists” series

For Van Gogh we turned this:
van gogh craft

Into this:

van gogh printables

And for Matisse we used these:

famous artist printables
matisse craft

To make these:

matisse craft kids

All instructions are up on the main site as well as printable artist cards for each artist!

artist printables

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Warhol & Pollock

I just finished uploading two more of our Famous Artist Crafts!

jackson pollock craft for kids>

Jackson Pollock

This was a well loved activity for my kids,
they loved blowing with the straws!
Me? I wan’t really into passing out
for an art project, but they were in dizzy oblivion.

andy warhol craft for kids

Andy Warhol

These were really fun, Sissy enjoyed this a bit more then Bub,
who found it daunting to color in one color for each open space.

andy warhol printables

I included some fun Warhol printables,
you can snag the boy & the girl as well as
some adorable cupcakes or some sneakers!

Older children can design their own!

Eveything is uploaded to our Famous Artist Craft Section!

PSSST…. Here’s a sneak peak at who’s coming next:

Stay Tuned!

Cheepo Kids Wall Art

Ever see those amazing vinyl wall sticky things?

You know, they say “Family is love,” or “Peace is where you make it,” or something like that?

I see them all the time, and I’d love to have some of the more colorful ones to decorate the kids rooms with, but really I can’t shell out $50 bucks for something my kids will most likely squirt with water, peel down, or cover with crayon scribbles or something.

No, I need something a little more budget friendly, and something I won’t cry over when if somehow it gets peed on because anything is fair game with the boys running around.

But anyway, instead of those fantastic wall stickies, I got to work on some equally fantastic decorations using my favorite scrapbooking tool.

(No I don’t have a Cricut….budget people…remember?)

My Martha Stewart Circle Cutter:

And then I dug through my piles of scrapbook paper to one of my favorite “Value Stacks” and got to work:

I cut out a whole bunch of different circles:

Then using simple white tacks in the middle I hung them on the wall:

Here is how they looked hung up:

Not as Fancy as the Wall Stickies, but still better then plain white walls!

The kids play area is coming along nicely…..more photos soon!:

Handmade Christmas




So SERIOUSLY, Unless you like Rotten Candy covered in dead ants and little fuzzballs


Here is an insane amount of blank space just to keep you honest………

Okay, For those of you who aren’t related to me here is a fantastic idea for a handmade christmas present this year. I found it over on Make it From Scratch, and I’m in love with this idea, because it fits my Top 3 requirements for Christmas presents:

#1, Simple
#2, Frugal
#3, Pretty

Trust me, once you see them, and how easy they are you’ll want to whip up a whole batch to give them as presents this year…..




And your sewing doesn’t even have to be perfect, it can be all crooked and still look cute:


PS: Here are some links to other Handmade Coasters!

Recycled Magazine Coasters
Criss Cross Coasters
Embellished Tile Coasters
Circular Coasters
Cocktail Coasters
Quilted Pinwheel Coasters

PPS: If you’re looking for a handmade gift you can give to your kiddos, check out this fantastic game of Family Yatzee, or this Dollar Store Frosty The Snowman Kit Totally cute!

PPSS: I totally have other relatives to “Make” for……need some ideas, what are you making this year?


Hodge Podge

So this is what we’ve been up to this week…..

The Kids painted a birdhouse and we added a bit of moss to the top

We’ve been enjoying fresh tomatoes from our garden

Sissy and Bubba painted their own Garden decorations

We all made some yummy jam from “ChesterBerries” we got at a local farm

Sissy & Bubba played this awesome Memory Game in the car everytime we went somewhere

And Monkey sat around in his new diggs, watching all the happenings!

Japanese Koi Noburi (Carp Kite)

Japanese Craft Carp Kite

Are these not the most beautiful little Koi Kites you’ve ever seen?

These were so easy, even my 3 year old made one

Japanese Kite Craft

We we even lucky enough to get a bit of a breeze today!

Carp Kite Craft

Click Here for Full Photo Instructions

Japanese Fan Crafts

Just in time for the Summer heat!

(Seriously, my kids are on either side of me fanning away……Loving it!)

Anyway e made two different kinds of fans, and my kids love them both.

Japanese Fan Craft

Japanese Crafts for Kids

For the second fan I made up a few printable templates for anyone else wanting to make some cute paper fans

Japan Crafts for Kids

I had tons of fun decorating one too!

Click here for Photo Tutorials.

Week in Review

Just in case you think I’m the only funny one in the house, here are some funny things my kids have said this week.

Sissy (6) (in a very proud voice) “I tried a new way to make a bagel Mom, I wanted the cream cheese warm, so I spread it on the bagel FIRST, then I put it in the toaster”

Mom (Ageless)
“Ewwwww, Bubba did you fart?”

Bubba (3)
(in defense of himself) “Just out of my mouth Mom, just only out of my mouth”

Mom (Ageless) “Is there a reason my toothbrush is under the toilet?”

Sissy (6) “I think it fell”

Bubba (3) (to a dinner guest at our house) “Why are all those Cracks on your face?”

Bubba (3) (to a cashier) “Where did your finger go?”

Bubba (3) (to a customer in line) “Why are you buying so much milk. We never get that much milk”

Bubba (3) (to a different customer in line) “Look at all the milk that guys getting, He better drink it all”

Bubba (3) (quite adamantly) “If I was on fire I would roll, and stop, and drop to the ground……and I don’t get into cars with strangers…..or badguys…..but if Batman asked me, I would go.”

Obviously, even Safety conscious kids would have a hard time passing up the Batmobile!

Now it’s your turn, let me know something funny your kids have said this week

Framing it all……

Just in case
your children make something fantastic while learning about Japan

Which is likely to happen,
with all the amazing art techniques they’ll get to explore)

Show them how to make this fun Origami frame to present their art:

Japan Crafts for Kids, Children's Crafts

This frame has an adorable little Fishy I dug out of my new scrapbook set…

See, I told you I would use it.


Chances are you’ll find just the right Woodprint, Haiku, Caligriphy, Sumi-e, or photograph to put inside!

Wrap it up, and send it to Grandma.

Japanese Crafts for Children

These are so much fun you’ll want to make one for yourself….

….and you can because they’re Super Duper Cheap.

Pitter Patter….

…..Pitter Patter….

Hey What’s that sound?

…..Pitter Patter…….

There it is again?

….Pitter Patter……Pitter Patter…..

I know it’s not my children
(they sound like “stomp…stomp…crash…bang”)

And it can’t be the baby
(his range is a bit confined and can only kick my ribs)

….Pitter Patter….Pitter Patter…..Pitter Patter…..


Now I see what it is…..

It’s the adorable Japanese Sandals we made today…

Japanese Crafts for Kids, Educational Crafts


And I was thinking there were little mice running through the house or something….

I was about to get the gun.

Japanese Woodblock Printing

In Japan I think it’s called “Moku Hanga”

And it’s essentially the same as what we know as “woodcut” printing.

A design is etched into wood, rolled with ink and then printed on the paper.

I’ve been wanting to make these for a while now…..

But I’ve been afraid!

Not of the mess, but I’ve been shaking in my flip-flops over:

The Foam Meat Tray.

Japanese Woodblock Printing Craft


It’s bad enough that I have to touch that creepy thing just to get my Rib-Eye out.

But now (for the sake of ART) I actually have to handle this thing.


So after washing this thing for like 20 minutes…..

And a good round of Bleach….

It was finally ready for carving!

But before we made our first cut we took a little looksie at this:

Japanesse Woodblock Children's Books

Origami: Inspired by Japanese Woodblock Prints
from the Metropolitian Museam of Art.

There are lots of photos of Japanese prints, alongside some fun Origami characters for children to make. There are historical explanations for the prints, and children get to learn about fine art and also learn new origami techniques. You can see sample pages here if your interested.

Anyway, we had a blast….

We spent all afternoon making prints….

This activity was just so much fun!

I put up full photo instructions on our main site, so you can make your own set with your little kiddos.

But be warned: You’ll want to be doing this one right alongside them!

Gardening T-Shirt

It was totally worth the mess

I especially loved the little sun that she drew in the corner:

And the way she spread out the green to make the grass.

What Fun!

Puff Paint is a must have for any Crafty Classroom!

Flower Pot Mosiac

Since we’ve been busy in the garden, planting all of our seeds, and working on our Gardening Lapbook, I realized that we better throw in a little bit of Garden Crafting too!

Kids Garden Crafts
I found this amazing book called
The Christian Kids Gardening Guide
and I just had to order a copy for our homeschool classroom, what better way to start learning about gardening, then by learning God’s word right alongside it!

(Here are some sample pages to check out….looks really neat doesn’t it! (Now to try and wait patiently for it to arrive…..that’s the hard part.)

Anyway, as we’re learning all about the different flowers and vegetables that will be gracing our garden this year, we started out by adding a bit of flair to some regular old clay pots.

You can do this craft with any old flower pot, so check out the Goodwill, Freecycle, and Garage sales because they’re much cheaper then buying new pots at the craft store.

And since this is a “Hot Glue” craft be sure and follow your gut as to whether or not you’re child is ready to try this one! (I’ll tell you that my 6 year old did just fine, but my 3 year old wasn’t so keen to keeping his fingers out of the glue….but he just didn’t want to quit making it either….LOL, he is his Father’s son)

Flower Pot Crafts

Click Here for Full Photo Instructions

We’ve been real busy with our Flower Pot Crafts, so stay tuned for some more fun Gardening ideas! Don’t forget to subscribe (on the left) if you want email updates!

Pioneer Crafts: Yarn Dolls

Oregon Trail Crafts

Last week we rented an amazing video series from our local library, called Pioneer Life for Children. I couldn’t find an Amazon link to share with you, but I did find them for sale at (Obviously they’re kind of expensive, so be sure and check your library, or even put in a request for them to purchase a set if you can)

What’s neat about this series, is that they are about 20 minutes long each, and there is lots of information presented in ways children can understand and REMEMBER! We’ve been watching them over the week, and have definitely been inspired to create some more fun Pioneer Crafts for our collection!

……So what did we come up with?

Yarn Doll Craft, Pioneer Crafts

Yarn Dolls!

Click Here for Full Photo Instructions for making a Yarn Doll

I must say, that these have got to be my favorite pioneer craft thus far…..My kids favorite too! They’ve spent hours Almost an hour sitting at the dining room table making a whole family of Yarn Dolls to put in their Covered Wagons!

And of course when you leave a 3 year old at the table with a bunch of yarn, this is what you end up with:

……not bad for 30 minutes of quiet time for Mom!

And of course, I’m happy that they’re keeping themselves busy, having fun, and learning a little bit about pioneer life along the way! These are quite simple to make, both of them did need a bit of help with the first couple of dolls, but once they got the hang of it they really took over, and made a variety of different characters!

Sissy even made this “Horse” from yarn and toothpicks.
(Yeah, apparently she snuck into the kitchen for more supplies, LOL)

I love Educational Free Play! There’s just no beating it.

Sea Creature Fan Book

Today we expanded our learning about Coral Reefs, by reading all about the amazing creatures that inhabit them. (We’re still reading Coral Reefs by Gail Gibbons) My children loved to ask “What’s this one called?”…”What’s this one?” as we turned each page. Everytime Bubba …who is 3….heard a name with “Shark” he’d say, “Oh, I like that one” and Sissy preferred the many kinds of starfish, and anemones….and clownfish “Because I’m good at drawing those”

So, since they both had their favorites, I figured out a way for them to make a fun little Sea Creature Fan book, where they can keep the names, and pictures of the ones they love.

Coral Reef Craft

These turned out really neat, you can
Click Here to read all about Sissy’s Fan Book.