DIY Stained Glass Coloring Pages

DIY Stained Glass Coloring Pages

So last week, while browsing around Pinterest,
I found this cheepo way to make DIY stained glass coloring pages.

And the timing couldn’t have been better.
(As my children had just tore out the very last page in their stained glass coloring book)

So I thought I’d give it a try to see if we got a comparable result:

Not bad right?

The sun kept popping in and out from behind the clouds, so this shot is a tad more “cloudy”
but you can see the DIY on the left and the purchased on the right.
So the DIV version is not EXACTLY the same as a prepaid sheet,
but it is way cheaper then buying a set of pages or even a stack of vellum to print on.

Plus you can really turn ANY coloring page into a stained glass project.
And what kiddo does’t love to see their own creations on display?

Just in case you wanted to try out this method for yourself,
I whipped up some beautiful Easter pages that would look great as stained glass.

Head on over to our main site for the printable pages and the full tutorial!




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