Easter Bible Printables


Easter is right around the corner and I wanted to share some newly updated resources with you!

On our sister site Christian Preschool Printables you’ll find a great collection of printable coloring pages, games, worksheets, and crafts you can use to teach your children about the true meaning of Easter.   New this year, we’ve added in a a Resurrection BINGO game as well as some colorful Easter Matching Cards you can use to play table games.  You’ll also find a great collection of Jelly Bean Prayer printables if you want to send children home with a special treat.


If you’re looking for an easy solution for teaching your Easter lessons this year, be sure to check out our Christian Easter Activity Pack:



Easter Activity Pack

Over 80 pages of printable resources at your fingertips this Easter season!  This Bible Easter Activity Pack is filled with Bible games, worksheets, crafts and activity pages you can use to teach your little ones the story of Easter. This set is designed for the K-5 teacher or homeschool family and includes multi age resources to connect with different ages and abilities.  Look Inside


EasterPin2More Christian Easter Teaching Resources:

New Easter Resources:
Easter Coloring Pages (above)
Color Your Own Bookmarks (above)
Easter Cross Bookmarks
Editable Easter Verse Cards
Most Popular Easter Resources
Resurrection Egg Printables
Resurrection Lapbook
Easter Story Coloring Pages
Easter Story Folder Game
Easter Spin to Win Game
Bible Verse Printables for Easter
verse 1    verse 2    verse 3
Resurrection Crafts & Activities
Easter File Folder Games (Bible)
Easter File Folder Games (Eggs)
Jelly Bean Prayer Printables
Naturally Dyed Easter Egg Tips

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Lotus Flower Sand Painting

LotusPinThe lotus is the national flower of India and is found throughout many different artworks and customs.  While sand painting can be done with any picture, this lotus flower is a great beginner project.



  • Lotus Flower Template
  • Colored Sand
  • Glue

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

IndiaDesign4   IndiaDesign3   IndiaDesign   IndiaTiger2

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Print your Lotus Flower Template or provide children with a similar template to paint with sand

Step 2

Using a paintbrush, cover one single area with glue. You will work one color at a time.

Step 3

Cover your glue with your colored sand of choice. Try to carefully pour the glue over your glued area, covering the entire thing.

Step 4

Continue to add more colors in this way. Pouring off the excess sand without running into the other colors (as much as possible)

All Done!

When your lotus flower is done consider framing it with black for a stunning artwork you can hang in your classroom.

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Peacock Oil Pastel

PeacockPinThe peacock is the National bird of India. It’s certainly one of God’s most beautiful creatures, and even young children can make these wonderful pictures. We provide you with step by step drawing tutorials, as well as instruction on using oil pastels to bring your peacock to color.

This tutorial is split into two parts:

  1. Part 1 Drawing
  2. Part 2 Coloring



  • Cardstock or Pastel Paper
  • Oil Pastels
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Line Marker
  • (Sharpie is fine)

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

IndiaPeacock   IndiaPeacock2    IndiaPeacock3   India

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Near the center of your paper, draw an upside down rain drop

Step 2

Draw two slightly curved lines from the head down to the bottom of your paper

Step 3

On each side of the body, make cloud like humps from the head down to the bottom of your page.

Step 4

The center of the peacock's feathers are heart shapes. You want to draw hearts where ever you want feathers. Make sure the pointy part of your hearts point towards you peacock.

Step 5

Here is a shot so you can see the hearts all pointing to the peacock. Some of the hearts are sideways, it helps to turn your paper as needed.

Step 6

Draw lines from the pointy end of the hear to the body of the peacock.

Step 7

Go back to your heart and add another heart around it

Step 8

Here is a shot of how your drawing should look now.

Step 9

Now go back through all your hearts and make a lopsided heart inside each of them.

Step 10

Starting near the top of the heart, draw a curving line down to the shaft of the feather. Draw more lines always starting just a bit lower then the previous line.

Step 11

Repeat these curved lines for the other side of the feather.

Step 12

Here is a photo of all the feathers when they are finished. As you get better at drawing the curved lines you can add little waves at the top just like peacock feathers.

Step 13

Go back to the "clouds" that you drew alongside the peacocks body and add small, rounded diamons along the sides.

Step 14

At the bottom of your peacock body draw cloud humps all the way across.

Step 15

Draw your second layer of cloud humps. NOTE: You want your humps to land on the peak of the previous rows humps. Look at the photo to see where to land

Step 16

Continue adding layers up your peacock body. Once you get the hang of it, start to make them smaller as you go. See how the humps at the top are much smaller. Leave a space before you reach the peacocks head.

Step 17

Draw four lines and four circles on top of the peacocks head. Then draw a circle eye, with a lopsided heart in the center.

Step 18

Use curved lines to make the markings on your peacock's face. When complete, you can use a black marker to trace over your pencil.

Part 2: Oil Pastel

Your peacock is finished, it's time to use our oil pastels to really bring your peacock to life!

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Physical Map Collage

StateMapThese fantastic maps are not only fun to make, but they are a great way to learn about your state or country’s terrain. This would be a great activity to teach children about the physical properties of land, as well as how to read a physical map


Paper Mache Recipe
Mixing Bowl
Paint (blue, green, brown, white)


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Maps2   geomaps    geoatlas GeoPuzzle2

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Find a good picture of a Physical Map. Draw the outline of the state or country you'll be making.

Step 2

Find some old magazines and tear out some of the colors you'll use for the map. (Substitute bright colors for extra fun!)

Step 3

Set up a glue station for children to dip their brushes

Step 4

Tear up different colors of the magazines and place them in the right places on the map. Using different hues of a color and layering really make the map look more realistic.

All Done

Find the letters to make a title for your map, or even add a map key at the bottom.

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Pollock Art Project for Kids

PollockPinAction Jackson was most known for his painting styles and techniques. He placed his canvas on the floor and used a varitey of different brushes and tools to drip paint. This is a great activitiy for younger children to explore paint splatteringand drips.


  •  White Paper
  • Paint
  • Water
  • Toothbrush, Straws, Eye Droppers ect.
  • Pollack Art Card


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Pollock pollock ArtBrushes     SeuratArt

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Go thorough your house and find tools you can use for your action painting.

Step 2

Combs and Toothbrushes can be dipped in paint and used as brushes.

Step 3

Then pressed with your thumb for splatter painting.

Step 4

Eye droppers (or old medicine droppers) can be used to slurp up runny paint.

Step 5

Make a series of drips across your paper.

Step 6

Straws can be used to blow the paint droplets around.

Step 7

Fill your paper with all sorts of moving paint!

All Done

You now have your very own Action Jackson painting!

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Seurat Art Project for Kids

SeuratPinPointillism is a fun artistic technique for any age level! Children enjoy making these representational pieces of artwork. This is a great craft for children who like to work on details.


  •  White Paper or Printable Template
  • Paint or Stamping Ink Pad
  • Pencil with NEW Eraser
  • Seurat Art Card


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Seurat3    Seurat     SeuratArt    Art

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Provide children with blank paper or younger children with black line coloring pages. Print up a few black line coloring pages. Look for landscapes, and ordinary objects online.

Step 2

Find some pencils that have brand new erasers. You want a nice flat top for easy stamping. Q-tips work for this technique as well, but I prefer the erasers as they are nice and flat.

Step 3

Tip: Use the lids of your paints, there will be plenty! Dip your erase into the paint, very gently!

Step 4

Hold the pencil vertical and make a dot on your paper! The amount of paint will determine the size of the dot. You can try for uniform dots or use this knowledge to add character to your project.

Step 5

When you want to change colors use a wipee or a wet paper towel to wipe your eraser.

Step 6

Leave spaces between the dots to add in other colors.

Step 7

Try to use a varitey of colors but resist the need to blend them together with your finger.

Step 8

Think about how you will display your artwork.

All Done

Hang up your art and stand way far back! Look for where your colored dots are blending together...do they still look like dots from far away?

Background Idea

Try pasting your project on to a contrasting piece of construction paper

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Mondrian Crafts for Kids

MondrianPinPiet Mondrian was known for white canvas with horizontal and vertical lines, and rectangular shapes filled with primary colors. There are so many ways to explore the art process of line and color, we’ve come up with a couple of different ways you can make Mondrian reminiscent worksof art in your classroomMondrian


  •  White Paper, Black Marker, Colored Pens, Construction Paper Shapes, Mondrian Art Card


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Mondrian  teachart    GreatArtists   Art

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Use a ruler to make vertical lines on your paper with your black pen

Step 2

Make some horizontal lines on your paper as well.

Step 3

Continue making lines and sectioning off your paper in an uneven grid.

Step 4

Pick up a pack of sticky back foam shapes (Dollar Tree) and let children fill in the grid.

Step 5

Simply use a red, blue, and yellow marker to fill in the different squares.

Step 6

Cut a variety of shapes from Red, Yellow, and Blue paper. Glue the to the paper in a grid. Then draw your black lines over and around the shapes.

New Graphic

Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids


Children who love to use bright colors love to create Warhol inspired artwork. You can use our pre-printed Warhol artist cards, or use this activity to teach children how to transfer and copy images.


  •  White Paper
  • Black Marker
  • Colored Pens
  • Subject Photo or Printable Template Below


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Warhol3    Warhol4Warhol6 warhol5

Art Project Tutorial:

Printable Art Templates

If you are working with younger children I recommend printing up their page beforehand.

Step 1

Print a photo of your child in BW to highlight the edges. Alternatively you can use carbon paper to copy your subjects onto your art page.

Step 2

Trace the basic outlines and shapes that come through.

Step 3

Go over your drawing with black marker. It doesn't have to be perfect, but try to close each shape.

Step 4

Scan your image to your computer and copy and paste it till you have the amount desired. Or have children copy their drawing onto a paper four different times.

Step 5

Start filling in the drawing with bold, bright and unusual colors. Choose different colors for each copy.

Step 6

Be sure and pick one color per space and get those backgrounds colored in too.

Step 7

Leaving some white makes it interesting as well.

All Done!

Frame your artwork or display side by side for a fun effect!

More Famous Artist Projects for Kids

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Monet Craft for Kids


Claude Monet is well known for his beautiful water scenes! This is a fun (and messy) finger painting craft that will leave children with beautiful results. The materials used are simple and you’re sure to have them on hand in your art supply closet. I suggest you try this craft beforehand to get a feel for removing the tape.


  •  Cardstock Paper
  • Fingerpaint
  • Painters Tape or Masking Tape


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Monet2    Monet1Monet4Monet3

Art Project Tutorial:


Step 1

For this craft you'll need some masking tape to make your bridge shape. I cut our tape in half to get thinner strips.

Step 2

You want to form the shape of the bridge using your masking tape. You can do this for younger children if needed.

Step 3

Press down to make sure that no paint will come through the tape.

Step 4

Give children an image of Monet's Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies and a paper plate to blend on.

Step 5

Using fingers, begin to dab the colors onto the paper. Go ahead and dab over the bridge.

Step 6

Encourage children to cover their entire sheet of paper, It will create a more dramatic effect when the tape is removed.

Step 7

Time to let your project dry.

Step 8

When it's dry remove the tape carefully and slowly.

Step 9

Be careful as you pull the tape, you will start to see the shape of the bridge.

Step 10

I didn't wait long enough and the tape began to pull up the paper as well. It's okay, still looks great, but not as crisp.

All Done

Stand back and enjoy your work!

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God Keeps His Promises Game

GodFaithfulChildren learning about Noah’s Ark can learn an important truth that God always keeps his promises.

We have a variety of Noah’s Ark printables, crafts and resources you can add to your Sunday School Lesson, but today I wanted to add in a center time activity.

This is a game that can be placed in your learning centers or morning activity table for children just arriving or played in your own home with sibilings.

Each child receives a gameboard that reads “God keeps his promises” and has a space for each color of the rainbow.

Children take turns drawing colors from the middle hoping to be the first one to fill up their rainbow board.

If a child draws a color they already have, it’s simply discarded and the next child takes a turn.

There is even a place for children to place their favorite color.

Download God is Faithful Game Here


Expand your unit:

Noah’s Animal Groups Sorting Game

Noah’s Ark Crafts & Printables

Noah’s Ark Bible Verse Visuals

Noah’s Ark Worksheets & Timeline Cards

Noah’s Ark Lapbook


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Pumpkin Preschool Printables


Fall is a great time to provide children with some hands on learning fun!

Learning about pumpkins covers multiple science requirements and it’s easy to sneak in a little language and math as well.

Find Free Pumpkin Printables at PreschoolMom.com to build your thematic pumpkin unit study!

Find Christian Pumpkin Crafts at Christian Preschool Printables

Find Pumpkin Bible Verse Cards at Bible Story Printables

Find Pumpkin Learning Centers at File Folder Fun

Pumpkin & Gourds Photo Matching Game

Looking for More?  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive freebies!

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Christmas Preschool Printables


We’ve just released a new set of Nativity printables you can use with your children or students this Christmas season.


Nativity Printable Pack Easy Download

 (login or create a free account)


 If you have slower internet speeds you can also download as individual components here:
Nativity Printable Pack Individual Downloads


More Christmas Printables and Resources:
Bible Lesson Plan Links:

Journey to Bethlehem Bible Lesson Links
Birth of Jesus Bible Lessons
Wise Men Bible Lesson
Scripture Memorization:
Christmas Bible Verse Cards for Kids
Christmas Bible Verse Printable Packs
Crafts & Activities:
Names of Jesus Ornaments
Pop Up Nativity Craft
Christmas Bookmarks
Christmas Story Coloring Pages
Christmas Cards from Kids
Handprint Angel Craft with VerseBaby in a Manger Craft

Printable Games:

Christmas File Folder Games
Christmas Bible Games

Happy Birthday Jesus Card Game





Preschool Packs:
12 Days of Christmas Preschool Printables
Nutcracker Christmas Preschool Printables
Ornament Preschool Printables
Symbols of Christmas Printables


Hope that get’s you off to a good start!




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Christmas Card Crafts for Kids


This is a simple and easy Chrsitmas Card project for kids.

In fact, this come from my own childhood.

My best friends Grandmother would save her Christmas Cards from the previous year,

and we’d decorate them with glitter and repourpose them as ornaments and gift tags.

I thought that would be the perfect project to do with my own kiddos this year.

But, of course that all takes planning, and saving the cards from last year.

I didn’t do that.


Instead, I decided to print up a set of pictures that would be perfect for adding glitter to.

Then we can make our own cards and ornaments together.

And I just know that you’re going to love this project with your own kiddos,

so we’re offering our Subscribers these free Christmas Card download.

Join Free or Login then Download Here

How To:



Printed Card on Cardstock Paper

Fine Glitter (Here is inexpensive kind)



Step 1: Cut the ends off your Q-Tip at a slant.  


Step :2  Use the Q-Tip to apply glue to highlight areas on the card.

You don’t want to cover the entire picture, we’re just highlighting areas that we want to sparkle.

Less is more :)



Look for places where snow might accumulate.

Use the tip of your Q-tip to make icicles coming off the roof


All Done:

It’s hard to capture the glitter in a photo, but these are just stunning when they are done!



Find more Christmas Printables and Crafts  Here.

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Character Printables: Obedience


We’ve just added a great set of character printables on Christian Preschool Printables.

Children learn the Bible Verse from Ephesians 6:1,

“Children, obey your parents in the LORD, for this is right.”


Additionally, I’ve added in printables that you can use as follow up resources:

bible crafts for kids

As for me and my House Craft


Obedience Coloring Page


Obedience Bible Vocabulary


Putting Toys Away Worksheet

And we even have a fun file folder game on our sister site Preschool Mom that would go perfectly with this theme:


Toyland File Folder Game

These printables would be perfect for a Christian Character lesson on Obedience.
You can print this set (and more) free from our main website here.

We have a TON of different Bible Verse Sets, be sure you check them all out!

Stay tuned or Subscribe for more teaching resources!


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Summer Fun School

We no longer technically homeschool over the Summer.
Ever since joining a local charter school we’ve decided to try and stick to the Monday-Friday, September through June schedule, but that doesn’t mean we don’t learn over the Summer.

If you’re looking for some simple ways to encourage learning over the Summer break here is a list of some Summer Fun School activities:

Lately I’ve noticed that my children have been enjoying skits and plays. Sometimes in their Language Arts curriculum or with certain books they are encouraged to act out a story and they are so very happy to do so. I recently looked up some fun 2-3 person skits on Puppet Resources and thought I might keep a few on hand for those “boring” Summer days.

Summer of Photography!
Why not take your kids and your camera out on a daily hike with a goal. ABC’s in photos. Only pink things. Or have children arrange vacation photos with their own captions. There are some great ideas at Montessori-Now for using photography over the Summer.


Want to keep kids writing over the Summer?
Enlist a willing friend or family member to become Silly Story Penpals!
Initiate the conversation with your children writing a silly story then asking the penpal to return the
favor. This is a great way to sneak in some creative writing, penmanship, and basic language arts skills, all while having fun.

Space Crafts and Activities
Summer is a great time to learn astronomy! From Summer nights spent looking at the stars, to the Persides meteror showers in August, you’ll find some great Summer opportunities to learn all about our universe. We actually use this Meteror Shower Ap to keep track and be reminded of them.
If you really want to get into Space over the Summer, consider investing in a telescope, or participating in a local stargazer event.


Don’t forget about your local and semi-local museums!
Here is a list of US Museums by State.
There are so many wonderful exhibits to see, and it’s a great way for children to get excited about learning.

Chalk Pastels
This Summer we’ve ordered A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels, which includes 45 step by step tutorials. I plan on pulling it out whenever we hear “I’m bored,” or “It’s too hot,” ect…
Maybe by the end of Summer we’ll have a nice collection of artwork to start the year off.

doodle art bible

If you’re not looking for a full on set of art lessons,
why not print out a few of these adorable Color-in-Quotes!
A set of pretty markers and a stack of these will go a long way on a HOT Summer afternoon!

summer reading chart

Summer Reading!
Here is a handy printable your children can use to keep track of their Summer Reading. We laminated ours and used a dry erase marker. A special follow up worksheet is included as well. At the start of Summer make a goal, and when it is reached have an ice cream night with the family!

Summer Science Activities
Our ES brought some fun Soda bottle science activities last week, and the kids were loving every minute. They made tornados, dancing raisins, and even a shooting rocket bottle.

These science books include so many different science experiments you can do with your kiddos over the Summer, and they won’t even realize they are learning!

I’m sure there are TONS of other ideas out there,
I love how relaxed learning can be during the Summer!


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Mother’s Day Poetry Printables

Our Poetry Pack was such a huge hit,
(especially the concrete poetry templates)
that I thought I’d whip up some Mother’s Day themed templates for you.

Mother’s Day Poetry Template 1

Mother’s Day Poetry Template 2

There is absolutely NO SHAME in printing these up yourself,
and leaving them on the breakfast table with a set of markers.

You can even leave our instructions for concrete poetry so the kiddos know what to do with them!

These are sure to be adorable keepsakes once the children have filled them in.

Have you used any of our Poetry Printables yet?
What do your kiddos think?

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Easter Printables and Resources

Easter is just around the corner!
Here is a “Pinnable” list of our most popular resources!

On Christian Preschool Printables we have:
Printable Resurrection Eggs
Easter Memory Match
Easter Wordwall Cards
Printable Puzzles
He is Risen Crafts
The Empty Tomb Craft
Easter Bingo
Easter Bookmarks
Easter Cross File Folder Games
Easter Memory Match
Easter Game
Hosanna Crafts
Easter Bible Verse Printables
and more

On Bible Story Printabes we have:

Easter Timeline Cards
Easter Storyboard Set
Easter Coloring Pages
Bible Story Minibook
Bible Verse Copywork Pages
The Story of Easter File Folder Game
and more….

Our Sponsors, Hearts at Home Curriculum
have an amazing deal right now on these animated Easter DVD’s.
You can get one DVD for $5 or 3 for $12.95 until 3/30/13.
(these are high quality videos produced by NEST entertainment!!)

On File Folder Fun we have five different Easter themed games:

Colorful Easter Eggs
Eggciting “e”
Spring Peeps
Shattered Patterns

On LapbookLessons we have a free Easter Lapbook!
Even a Lapbook video for how to put it together.

Don’t forget to check out the fun Stained Glass Easter Crosses we made a couple years back.

One year we even tried out some natural methods of egg dying!
Best of all, most of the resources we had in stock in our kitchen.

Jelly Beans make great resources when teaching children about salvation!
On Little Blots of Faith we have these fun printable poems you can share
with children, as well as MANY more links and resources for planning out an Easter Lesson!

Hope that gets you off to a good start!

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Veteran’s Day Printables

Do you homeschool through the holidays?
We usually continue class as usual for most of the Monday holidays,
but we do try to incorporate so holiday themed activities for that day.

I just can’t DO a four day week.
I’ve tried in the past, and a four day week quickly turns into a three day week,
and then a two day week…and then eventually I give up and say,
Hey let’s just start FRESH on Monday.

A whole week gone, and I’m scrambling to figure out
where we’re going to make it up later!

So, I’ve since learned to do something else for these one day,
beginning of the week holidays.
Here is my magic formula:

-Drop everything except the three R’s.
-Include a special craft, activitiy, or field trip.

There. That’s it.
Impressive huh!

So tomorrow we’ll be reading about Veteran’s Day,
and making some special Thank You Cards.

Of course I made plenty to share.
And of course like a good little procrastinating Homeschooler,
I’ve posted it the night before Veteran’s day.

I realize that’s not the best plan.
I almost just waited until next year to share it,
but then I realized that there is at LEAST one of you out there
who is scrambling for something to do on Veteran’s Day tomorrow.
Obviously, I speak from experience.


So it’s not a fancy set, but I think it will get the job done!
There is a set of printable Thank You badges for children to color,
and use as the cover of a Veteran’s Day card.

I also included some easy to cut decorations,
which would be great for little ones just learning scissor work.
For children who are showing readiness, I also added in some ABC practice
and a small copywork page.

Pretty simple stuff.
You can print the Veteran’s Day Printables here.

Be Sure to Stay Tuned!!

I have lots more Holiday Printables coming out soon,
They will be available on Christian Preshool Printables
so be sure you are subscribed if you’re interested in more simple sets like this!

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Thanksgiving Bible Printables

I have added a few NEW Thanksgiving resources
this year, just in time to print and have ready for your
little ones next month.

These resources would all be great for a notebooking or lapbooking project,
or to enhance your Thanksgiving bible lessons.

If you find these useful, please share and help us spread the word!

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Printables

All Preschool Thanksgiving Bible Printables

Thankful Pumpkin Bible Verse Cards

Pumpkin File Folder Games

If you’re looking for ideas here is a Thanksgiving Lapbook we did a few years back

It is so funny to watch this video 5 years later, I feel like this was FOREVER ago!
Try to ignore my annoying breathing into the microphone ;)

New Graphic

Math Master Printable Chart

Just popping in with an easy Summer School FREEBIE for you!

My children recently finished up State testing,
and while they each passed (phew)
one of the things I noticed was the lack of SPEED
with which they attacked the math portion of the test.

And can I just say for a moment that:
It’s wonderful to be allowed to WATCH your children take a test!

btw-That is NOT my kid taking a test.
That is a picture of a kid taking a test that I found on the internet.
I certainly would not hound my children with a poloroid moment mid-test.

But there is really something to be learned about (unobtrusively) watching
the way your child processes and manages everything you’ve (hopefully) drilled
into their little brain.

So I was excited for such an opportunity, and as I saw focus and progress,
and clicking of next pages I was reassured in my ability to actually teach at home.
It was great.


When the Math portion of the test came around…
I was a tad disappointed to see lots of finger counting and (gasp) calculator clicking
(which apparently they allow for some reason now? Was it always like this?)
Ack! I was cringing. It was a classic pride before the fall double whammy.

Doubts crept in.
Didn’t they already learn this?
I know I taught them this.
I thought we had it covered?
Must we go back again?

So this Summer we will AGAIN be reviewing Math facts.

I found THIS GREAT WEBSITE for printing up some drill sheets.

And I whipped up this Math Master Printable Chart.
(There is no better motivation then positive/intrinsic I say!)

We’ll be attacking this DAILY, with the goal of increasing ACCURACY & SPEED

And TELL me I’m not the only one here!

What have you taught your children over and over and over and….

(you know…..besides not to Hit their brothers)

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