Physical Map Collage

StateMapThese fantastic maps are not only fun to make, but they are a great way to learn about your state or country’s terrain. This would be a great activity to teach children about the physical properties of land, as well as how to read a physical map


Paper Mache Recipe
Mixing Bowl
Paint (blue, green, brown, white)


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Maps2   geomaps    geoatlas GeoPuzzle2

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Find a good picture of a Physical Map. Draw the outline of the state or country you'll be making.

Step 2

Find some old magazines and tear out some of the colors you'll use for the map. (Substitute bright colors for extra fun!)

Step 3

Set up a glue station for children to dip their brushes

Step 4

Tear up different colors of the magazines and place them in the right places on the map. Using different hues of a color and layering really make the map look more realistic.

All Done

Find the letters to make a title for your map, or even add a map key at the bottom.

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