Seurat Art Project for Kids


Pointillism is a fun artistic technique for any age level! Children enjoy making these representational pieces of artwork. This is a great craft for children who like to work on details.


  •  White Paper or Printable Template
  • Paint or Stamping Ink Pad
  • Pencil with NEW Eraser
  • Seurat Art Card

Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:


Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Provide children with blank paper or younger children with black line coloring pages. Print up a few black line coloring pages. Look for landscapes, and ordinary objects online.

Step 2

Find some pencils that have brand new erasers. You want a nice flat top for easy stamping. Q-tips work for this technique as well, but I prefer the erasers as they are nice and flat.

Step 3

Tip: Use the lids of your paints, there will be plenty! Dip your erase into the paint, very gently!

Step 4

Hold the pencil vertical and make a dot on your paper! The amount of paint will determine the size of the dot. You can try for uniform dots or use this knowledge to add character to your project.

Step 5

When you want to change colors use a wipee or a wet paper towel to wipe your eraser.

Step 6

Leave spaces between the dots to add in other colors.

Step 7

Try to use a varitey of colors but resist the need to blend them together with your finger.

Step 8

Think about how you will display your artwork.

All Done

Hang up your art and stand way far back! Look for where your colored dots are blending together…do they still look like dots from far away?

Background Idea

Try pasting your project on to a contrasting piece of construction paper


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