Free Summer Reading Pack K-5

Younger students can join in the Summer Reading fun with this FREE printable Summer Reading Pack.

This set includes a READ to 100 chart for students to color in each time they read a book.  This is a super fun visual way to track progress over the Summer.

Four colorful bookmarks encourage children to READ and mark their place while reading. Finally, we’ve included a fun Super Reader award you can present to your child when they have read their books.

Print Super Reader Pack Here

Looking for more Summer Learning?

Try our Summer Writing Pack:

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All About Me Worksheet


If you have a young child entering a new school year, this is a great opportunity for them to share about all their favorites and what makes them unique.  Today I’ve designed two different keepsake worksheets (one for a boy and one for a girl) for children to color and fill in with all their favorites.

All About Me Boy

All About Me Girl

There are lots of spots to fill in, I suggest younger children can draw most of their answers or you can write them in for them.

Find more free Preschool Printables Here

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Back to Homeschool Curriculum Discounts


If you’re like me you like to stretch every single penny with your homeschool curriculum.

Sometimes I’ll wait ALL year for a curriculum to go on sale just to save $2.50.  No Joke.

I even pass up the 16 cent spiral notebooks during the Back to School Sales, because I know we’ve got 65% of our pages left from last year. Our binders are tattered and worn, but if they still work they still work.

When I do buy school supplies I try to focus more on quality than quantity, and I look for resources I know will last through different seasons of our homeschool.

Almost half of my Curriculum is digital. I purchase many eBooks for their re-usability factor, and many online subscriptions that can be used with multiple children.

Investing in a Home Binding Machine was one of my smartest purchases for my classroom.  It takes me less that five minutes to print, punch and assemble a curriculum for my children, and provides me with options to switch things up as needed.

I also create many of my own resources and share them with our newsletter readers.

If you don’t already, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.  It’s free and it’s a great way to stay updated with our newest freebies and eBooks added to our curriculum store.

We also feature many exclusive offers from Top Homeschool Curriculum publishers.

Currently, our newsletter is featuring  50+ Deals on some of your favorite publishers at up to 89% off. 

There are products in Math, Language Arts, Science, Special Needs, Technology, Phonics, History, Geopgraphy, Art & Music and even All in One Curriculums.

You don’t want to miss these deals or the ones we have planned for our future newsletters.

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Free Homeschool Planning Printables


Well, I’ve done it again.

I’ve waited until the last two weeks before really coming up with a solid Homeschool Plan.

Sure I’ve been collecting various eBooks and curriculum resources over the Summer, but it’s been more like a Homeschool Curriculum feeding frenzy instead of an organized and thoughful process.

It’s time to load everything on the table and see what I’m working with here folks


That is not even this years photo.

I’m so far behind, I haven’t even made the obligatory mess of dining room table yet.

It’s going to be a busy week folks.

So to keep myself invested in this process I decided to update our Independent Weekly Homeschool Calendar, as well as our Goals and Planing sheets.  You can still print the older versions here and here if you like them, but this year I needed a little Color Pop to get my act in gear.  If you’re struggling to wrap your head around how to schedule your curriculum, try this simple tip for each subject.  How to make a list of Goals, Resources, and Action Plan


Download the updated Homeschool Planning Printables Here

I’ll be using these with my younger children this year for sure!  My older children are going to try Lesson Trek, mostly because I thought Middle School would be a great time to learn how to keep an online calendar as well.  We’re always looking for real life scenarios to add in that Technology requirement!

If you’re still curriculum shopping like me be sure to check out our Curriculum Reviews and our Homeschool eBooks!


I’ve just finished our Letter of the Week Preschool Curriulum, and it’s very low-prep, so grab that if you need a quick fix for your kiddo too.

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Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum


It’s ready!

I’ve been working on this curriculum ALL Summer…..

This is MONTHS of hard work poured into 650+ pages of Letter of the Week activities.

Our Alphabet Curriculum Notebook gives you an instant Letter of the Week Binder and is designed for Preschool and K4 students.

It’s massive, but it’s designed to be low prep, low ink and perfect for the busy mom who is looking for structure.

Honestly, there is just way too much to list (25 pages for each letter), and I’m working on a post to tell you all about it, but for now you can read our product page, view photos and samples in our eStore.

This will be the core of our curriculum for my K4 child this year, so I’m sure you’ll hear lots about it as we work our way through.

For now check it out in our eStore! 


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Counting to 100 Printables


With the first day of school upon us, it’s a great time to work on counting to 100! I’ve just created this super adorable set of counting cards and charts for working on key counting skills. This set includes counting cards to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 25’s as well as a full size hundreds board. Combine this with our Write to 100 Pack for a handy unit to start off your school year. You might even add this to your Daily Folder for quick impromptu review with your child.

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Homeschool Art Supplies

Over the years we’ve  had the opportunity to try out MANY different arts and crafts supplies.  Often we’ve been surprised that an off brand has a better quality product then some of the more popular, well known brands.And with other products we’re happy to make the investmentfor a quality product that will last.  Read about our favorite art supplies and where to find the best price.  Find more of our favorite Homeschool Tools and Machines.  Read about our Favorite Homeschool Curriculum Here

Simply Art Watercolor Cakes

I was surprised at the value of this watercolor set. Normally, I stay away from off brand watercolors but this set can't be beat! The colors are bright, and vivid and because these are cakes they last much longer then traditional watercolor packs. We have used this set through many art projects over the years, It took almost 5 years to run out of yellow so we finally bought a second set....but for the price....AMAZING!

Crayola Oil Pastels

Pastels were one of my favorite mediums when I was a kid. I used to love drawing on the paper, then blending the colors with my fingertip....the possibilities were endless for the colors I could create and I felt like a young and undiscovered Picasso. That's why I keep pastels in my classroom for my children to work with....I love the ease of color blending with them and we work on shading with them

Sunworks Construction Paper

Again, another deal you can get online is this heavy weight construction paper from SunWorks. One pack keeps your classroom stocked up for almost the entire year

Pro Art Chalk Pastels

Chalk pastels are fun to have on hand as well. We've recently started to use them with this curriculum and this set really gave us a wide varitey of colors for a good price. Another deal that is better online then in store

Caran d'Ache Watercolor Crayons

This was one of our more expensive craft room purchases, but they have held up quite nicely over the years. Watercolor crayons are a great way for children to experiment, and this set comes with a handy tin for storage. (the tin is one of the reason I believe this set has held up so well)

Melissa and Doug Triangle Crayons

I usually don't purchase much Melisa and Doug unless I can find a coupon or an online deal, but these triangle crayons have been a blessing in our house. My three year old love them, it feels like his own art set he can use and they don't roll away!

Fiskars Gel Pens

If you can't stand glitter in your house, you might take a peek at these glitter pens! We purchased this set for my daughters birthday, and I had a hard time keeping my hands off of them. This is a good deal online and you get over 48 pens!

Dixon #2 Pencils

If there were a World's Greatest Pencil Award, we would give it to Dixon Ticonderoga hands down! After years of dealing with broken tips and erasers that pop off (or worse leave streaks across your paper instead of erasing) I've decided that the investment in Dixon is well worth it

Glitter Shakers

Glitter shakers are much easier for younger children to use, as you don't end up with the dreaded pile of glitter on your table. The lids come off so you can pour back the excess.

Our Favorite Homeschool Tools

Have you ever wondered what a laminator is? Or how about a binding machine. Are you on your seventh pencil sharpener of the year? Come on in and read about our favorite homeschool tools. We'll show you how we use them, why you'd need them and where we found the best price.

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Homeschool Tools: Binding Machine Giveaway!

I have such an amazing giveaway to share with you today!  I know you’ve probably been stocking up on eBooks and printable resources for the upcoming year, so I really want to bless another homeschool family with one of my favorite homeschool tools.

If you’ve never heard of a binding machine, or if you wonder how they work, come check out our step-by-step tutorial for how to bind your eBooks here. One benefit of eBooks is that you can print out what you need for multiple children and a binding machine makes it super simple to build your own workbooks.
Where to buy eBooks?The Crafty Classroom eStore

I also personally like CurrClick,, and  Evan Moor

Ready to Win? I’m giving away a Fellows Star+ 150 Comb Binding Machine to one lucky winner.  This is a $99 retail value, and you can enter to win below:

Please note that due to shipping costs  this giveaway is open to USA and Canada addresses only.


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Free Homeschool Science Printables


With the release of our latest eBook, I thought it might be helpful to post a round up of some of our most popular Homeschool Science Printables and resources!

Free Science Printables & Resources:

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Periodic Table of the Elements Activity Pack

Sample Pages & Photos of Games & Resources

This activity pack includes the following resources:

Reproducible Charts:

  • Full Color Periodic Table Chart (8.5 x 11)
  • B&W Periodic Table Chart (8.5 x 11)
  • A3 Size Color Periodic Table Chart (11 x 17)
  • A3 Size BW Periodic Table Chart (11 x 17)

Printable Cards and Games:

  • Element Letter Tiles
  • Element Fact Cards
  • Element Boggle Gameboard
  • 8 different Element Bingo Cards
  • 8 Element Bingo Cards with Symbols Only


  • Fill in the Blank Symbols Worksheet
  • Fill in the Name /Atomic Mass/Number Worksheet
  • Blank Periodic Table in Color
  • Blank Periodic Table in B&W
  • Symbol Stumper Worksheet


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Periodic Table Printables


If you’ve been following me on facebook you know I’ve been working on this project for past couple of weeks.  It’s taken HOURS upon HOURS but I’m finally ready to share this printable with you!

I created this Periodic Table Chart because I wanted something colorful and EASY to read after printing. For some reason everything I printed out online either came out blurry or the letters were too small for my old eyes to read….even with glasses.

So this chart is print friendly and FREE for a limited time!



BuyNowPeriodic Table of the Elements Activity Pack

I was so inspired by how this turned out, I went ahead and created a handful of games and resources that could be used alongside this colorful chart.


Here’s a sneak peek inside:


I’ve included a handful of reproducible charts:

  • Full Color Periodic Table Chart (8.5 x 11)
  • B&W Periodic Table Chart (8.5 x 11)
  • A3 Size Color Periodic Table Chart (11 x 17)
  • A3 Size BW Periodic Table Chart (11 x 17)




There are a few worksheets and Fill in Charts:

  • Fill in the Blank Symbols Worksheet
  • Fill in the Name /Atomic Mass/Number Worksheet
  • Blank Periodic Table in Color
  • Blank Periodic Table in B&W
  • Symbol Stumper Worksheet





And of course I made a variety of  Cards and Games:

  • Element Letter Tiles
  • Element Fact Cards
  • Element Boggle Gameboard
  • 8 different Element Bingo Cards
  • 8 Element Bingo Cards with Symbols Only




One of my most favorite parts of this activity pack are the Element Tiles……all 118 of them!

They are just under 1″ square and can coordinate with the Bingo and Boggle games shown above but they can also be used to encourage students to make words:



Or you could creatively cut them into cute bookmarks



Or children could use them to reassemble the periodic table, or…….play I have who has…..or……

The possibilities are really endless with these once you start thinking creatively!


You can purchase Periodic Table of the Elements Activity Pack  in our eStore for only $5.

I’ve priced it this low because I too have a homeschool budget and I know how hard it can be to squeeze eveything into it :)

In fact, most of the items in our eStore are $5 and under for this reason!




If you use our chart in your homeschool or classroom please let us know below!  We love to hear from our visitors and how our resources are being put to use.

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Solar System Coloring Pages



Learning about our solar system can be great fun!

One of our favorite Summer activities is Meteor watching during the Perseid showers in August.

We stay up late into the wee hours watching as amazing streaks of color flash across the sky.

It’s considered one of our yearly Family traditions and it’s a fantastic way to get the kids interested in Astronomy!

(This year it will be making it’s appearance on August 13th)

"Perseiden Meteor (2009)" by Andreas Möller. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 de via Wikimedia Commons -

“Perseiden Meteor (2009)” by Andreas Möller. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 de via Wikimedia Commons


When my children were younger, we learned the names of the planets by singing a song.

And while it wasn’t a Rap song, it was still just as effective at teaching them the correct order.

My youngest two children are now ready to learn about the planets so I’ve been busy drawing and creating simple resources we can use.


PlanetsColoringPage      PlanetsCut&Paste

Solar System Cut & Paste

Solar System Coloring Page


Both pages and some additional Planet Notebooking Pages are available at

You can even grab the clipart and customize your own resources.



  • Art meets science with Kidz Labs solar system models. Assemble, paint and learn
  • Kit includes planets, stencils, squeeze glow paint pen, rods, string, a fact-filled wall chart and 10 sets of Kidz Quiz questions
  • Instructions included
  • No batteries required
  • Turn the kids onto the notion of leaving a smaller carbon footprint
  • 8 Planets – Pluto not included
  • Click Here



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Taj Mahal Art Project

TajMahalPinThis Taj Mahal art project is a great way to introduce children to ink transfer using bleeding tissue paper.  This technique is not only fun, but results is stunning color combinations as the inks blend together.



Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

India    India2  IndiaDrum   IndiaHenna

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Print up the Taj Mahal Template and cut it out.

Step 2

Trace the Taj Mahal onto your paper with pencil.

Step 3

Color in the shape with white oil pastel. Leave some areas strategically blank.

Step 4

Cut your bleeding tissue paper into small squares. Or use a circle punch like we did.

Step 5

Using a bit of water begin to stick the bleeding tissue paper all around your Taj Mahal shape. Encourage children to choose either warm or cool colors for a sunset effect.

Step 6

Continue until your entire paper is covered. Let dry

Step 7

Choose the opposite colors to place over the Taj Mahal. The color will stick to areas that you missed with the white oil pastel. Let your tissue paper dry then peel it off.

Step 8

Use a black watercolor pencil or sharpie to outline the Taj Mahal

Step 9

Use your reference template as a guide.

Step 10

Add in some paisley designs with a sharipie if you like

Looking Good!

Take a wide look at your work and see if there is balance and harmony to your page...

All Done

These look amazing when mounted to black construction paper, or arranged on a bulletin board display.

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Fossil Craft

FossilPinMaking fossils is great fun, and really not as “troublesome,” or “messy” as you might think! This craft really drives home the point in how fossils are formed and leaves children with a lasting impression!!


Plaster of Paris
Small objects to fossilize!



Kids Read About:
Dinosaurs and the Bible

Parents Read About:
Dinosaurs and the Bible

Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Fossils     Fossils2   Fossils3   FossilKit

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Soften up your modeling clay, form it into a mound and place it inside some crumpled up tinfoil.

Step 2

Press your fossil shape into your clay. You'll need to wiggle it a bit and press firmly.

Step 3

use a toothpick to get it out if needed.

Step 4

You should have an impression in your clay in the shape of your object.

Step 5

Smooth out any marks in your impression that you don't want to show. (Like this Made in China stamp! Ha Ha)

Step 6

Mix up your Plaster of Paris. (Two parts plaster to One part water)

Step 7

Pour the plaster into your clay mold.

Step 8

Pour enough to cover the mold and then some for good measure! Shake gently to get out the bubbles and smooth the surface

Step 9

Wait about an hour for the plaster to dry. Remove the tinfoil.

Step 10

Remove the clay mold from the plaster. (You might have to break off a bit of the plaster to get to the clay.

All Done

Enjoy your different fossils! For extra fun, make a set of these ahead of time and let children them guess what they think they are!

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Bird Nest Craft for Kids

BirdNestPinThese little yarn nests make a great craft for Spring. Build your nest a day ahead of time for the glue to dry. And have scrambled eggs for
breakfast so you don’t waste the food! Inspiration for this craft came from No Time for Flashcards a wonderful resource for children’s
crafts and activities


Yarn, Glue, Balloon, Eggs, Toothpick, Blue Paint


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

NestFullofEggs-155x125       birdnest    birds   BirdBinoc

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Build Your Nest: Since we learned in the book above that robin's use mud to help their nest stick together, we mixed glue with some brown paint to make our mud.

Step 2

Blow up your balloon, and place into a bowl. The larger the balloon, the larger the nest.....just remember it takes more yarn, more glue, and more time to make big nests. Begin by dipping your pieces of yarn into the "mud" and layering them on the balloon.

Step 3

Get the yarn nice and "muddy" to ensure that it will stick together. You don't want large piles or a bunch of yard that isn't glued on. Set this on a counter to dry at least overnight. Ours was large for two days.

Step 4

While your nest is drying, you can get started on the robin's eggs. To do this you can use your toothpick and poke a hole at either end of the egg. hole, and blow out the egg into a dish.

Step 5

Mix your paint to make robin's egg blue. We used Crayola Washable paints. We mixed together blue, green and white and came up with a very pretty color for the eggs.

Step 6

Use your paintbrush to paint the eggs. Don't worry about the holes, just paint over them, and set your eggs in a carton to dry.

All Done

After your nest is dry, pop the balloon and remove it carefully from the nest. Place your eggs inside, and keep this on your table for spring!

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Van Gogh Oil Pastel Project

VanGoghPotatoPinFor children who want to explore more then just Van Gogh’s Starry Night, you might introduce them to The Potato Eaters. This is such a great painting to study, not only in context, but in color, and movement as well. We used the book, “What Makes a Van Gogh” for reference.



Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Vangoghcolors    Vangogh2    VanGogh1    SeuratArt

Art Project Tutorial:

We are going to use our Oil Pastels. This is our recommended set of pastels from Crayola. You get a larger crayon, a variety of colors and the price is right. We've had this set for over two years and we still have huge crayons left.

Look closely at The Potato Eaters. We're going to be focusing on the hanging light in the middle of the picture. Take note of how the light is shown on the women's faces, and their backs are dark with shadow.

We're going to make the background first. Choose neutral colors, like grey, black, brown. Also choose some yellows, greens, purples to add dimension. Look closely at Van Gogh's painting for other hints of color.

Add in layers of color by using the broad side of your crayon, up and down the paper. When you get your colors laid down, use your fingers to blend the background. I added a layer of gold right before I blended.

It's time to draw! Use a pencil and sketch out the outline of the handing oil lamp. It doesn't have to be perfect, in fact if you look closely at the painting you'll notice that it's a tad bent and not exactly symetrical.

Your pencil drawing will lightly show up over your oil pastel. Draw your entire picture before we color it in.

Using your Black, Fill in the shadow areas of the oil lamp. Study the painting to really see where the colors of black are.

Add in some light! Use your hues of yellow to fill in the underside of the lamp shade. You might find it hard to color a light color over your dark background. You can press hard, or use your fingernail to scratch away the background first.

Move to the base of your lamp. Notice how the colors blends horizontally across from white/yellow/black. Use what you know about blending, and your fingernail to scratch out some white areas.

Continue your horizontal blending all the way up your lamp base. Color in the knob, and the flame of the lamp. You can see that it's like an elongated triangle. Pull rays with your yellows and your fingernail. Not to many, just enough to show that it's flickering.

Use your fingernail and go around the metal wire surrounding the lamp. Then study the painting. Use your yellow and black in the appropriate areas around the wire. Play special attention to what areas are lit with yellow and what areas fall into the shadow with black.

Use your yellows and go around your lamp adding color to your background. Try to think about what area would be the most lit up and blend in some yellows into that area. I even added some more black to my corners so that I can draw the eye toward the center light.

All Done

Framing your project in black construction paper would look really nice

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Homeschool Art Curriculum

Draw3dPinAs a kid I loved Art.

It was my favorite subject.

Besides Recess and P.E. of course.

Art is something I try to include in my homeschool curriculum every year, but it always seems to take the back seat when life gets busy.

(If you follow my blog you may notice that I post TONS of art projects over the Summer when we actually have time for art.  I call it Summer Art School)

Anyway, this year I found an amazing drawing curriculum that is ONLINE and requires NO help from me.

Let me repeat that.


I provided art journals, #2 pencils, and when asked a drawing stump.

But that was it.

I set up their username and password and let them be for a couple of weeks.  (i.e. Take it over Mark Kistler, this Mama is tired!)

Imagine my surprise when I picked up my daughter’s art journal and found this. (Continue Reading)

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Fall Leaf Art Project

There are so many amazing Fall Leaf Art Projects online that it’s hard to go wrong!

We’ve done quite a few over the years with great success, but this year I think we’ve hit gold!


This art project technique is inspired by these DIY Crystal Gems I found at Small for Big.

(They are beautiful aren’t they?  I think we’ll be making them soon too!)

Fall Leaf Art Project:

Materials:  You’ll need a Fall leaf, Watercolors, Watercolor Paper, and Watercolor Pencils.

(Watercolor Pencils are optional, I explain why below)


Step 1: Trace a leaf shape onto your paper.  If you have little ones you might do this part for them while they hold down the leaf.


Step 2: Draw a dot in the middle of your leaf.  Use a ruler to draw straight lines from the dot to the pointy end of each part of your leaf.  If you’re leaf doesn’t have many distinctive points, try to just spread out five or six diagonal lines.


Step 3: Draw connecting lines for each of your diagonal lines.  If your leaf has many points you can use them as guide lines for where to draw another shape.  We’re trying to make sharp shapes like triangles, rhombus, etc.


Step 4: This is how your leaf will look when done drawing.  It’s sorta like a snowflake!


Step 5: Using your watercolors, begin filling in each shape with a different color.  Try to make parts of the shape with BOLD and DARK color, and other parts with white or watered down color.  You can use a napkin to blot out color and make white areas. This is great for making texture as well.20141016_125358(0)

Step 6: Continue to fill in your shapes by alternating colors.  We’re sticking mainly to Warm colors like reds, oranges, yellows, but don’t be afraid to add in some browns, purples, and greens too.  These are all colors you’ll find in a fall leaf.




Step 7: Using a black watercolor pencil outline your leaf shape.  You can use a sharpie marker as well, but I like the way a watercolor pencil “bleeds” into the painting a bit.20141016_140003

All Done!  Frame your picture on black for a stunning display!


I love this project because the materials and the mess are minimal and children of all ages can participate.  My 5 year old son did this Fall leaf and it turned out amazing!!


Here is a quick photo you can Pin for Later


Find Fall Leaf Templates, Coloring Pages, Worksheets, Sciene Resources and more here.


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Pumpkin Prayer Printable



It’s October and pumpkins are everywhere.

What a perfect opportunity to get creative with your little ones and tie in a little devotional as well.

Quite a few years ago I created this Pumpkin Prayer Minibook, and it’s become one of our most popular resources on Christian Preschool Printables.



Today I thought I’d create a similar resource for older children or even young adults.

These Pumpkin Prayer Cards are perfect to pass out at youth Bible studies, place on your harvest tables, tie around pumpkins or insert in your bulletins.

Find more Pumpkin and Harvest Printables Here and Here


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Pumpkins & Gourds Photo Matching


One of my favorite things about Fall is all the beautiful pumpkins and gourds that start popping up at the stores.

I don’t know what it is about these bumpy squash that I love so much,

but my children love to dig in those big bins to find the most unusual ones.

Often these little pumpkins are on the expensive side,

so when I found these graphics I knew I had to get them and make a learning game to share with everyone!



Print Pumpkins & Gourds Game Here

This set includes 12 different pumpkins and gourds for children to match up.

I recommend printing two sets on cardstock,

one for your gameboard and one for playing pieces.

This would also make a fun matching game to take with you to the pumpkin patch,

and let children have a Harvest Treasure Hunt!

You might even bring a few home for a hands-on matching center

Find More Pumpkin & Harvest Printables Here:

Preschool Pumpkin Printables

Christian Pumpkin Crafts & Printables

Pumpkin File Folder Games

Pumpkin Bible Verse Cards


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Hidden Whiteboard Giveaway!!

GiveawayLargePin2Today we have an AMAZING giveaway from The Hidden Whiteboard!!

This is one of my favorite products and it makes homeschooling in our dining room so much more versatile.

Previously I had a 4′ by 3′ whiteboard that was constantly driving my eyes batty when ever we sat down for a meal:




You can read my entire Review of The Hidden Whiteboard Here but it’s easy to see why I love it.  It contains the chaos by storing the whiteboard neatly out of sight.  I even got to choose what photo or artwork I placed in the frame.  (This is actually a print from a local artist here in Oregon)




Okay, so just for reference I paid $99.99 for my ugly whiteboard above which is 48 x 36.


The Hidden Whiteboard is available in different sizes and prices (This is the current pricing as of this post)

  • 21 x 11.5 accepts 8×10 photo (Retail $79, Sale: $59)
  • 27 x 15.5 accepts 11×14 photo (Retail $99, Sale $59)
  • 37 x 21.5 accepts 16×20 photo (Retail $129, Sale 99)    pictured above
  • 45 x 31.5 accepts 20×30 photo (Retail $169, Sale $119)


Plus when you purchase this week you can use the  coupon code: Crafty10 for 10% off



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