Free Summer Reading Pack K-5

Free Summer Reading Pack K-5

Younger students can join in the Summer Reading fun with this FREE printable Summer Reading Pack.

This set includes a READ to 100 chart for students to color in each time they read a book.  This is a super fun visual way to track progress over the Summer.

Four colorful bookmarks encourage children to READ and mark their place while reading. Finally, we’ve included a fun Super Reader award you can present to your child when they have read their books.

Print Super Reader Pack Here

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Try our Summer Writing Pack:


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    I was drawn to your site a few weeks/months ago for something specific I was looking for. I signed up for the emails & used the item. because I don’t homeschool, I haven’t opened every single email. today I decided to read the email that expounds on your vision & I was delighted! thank you for rewriting reading, riting & rithmetic! your products are colorful & engaging. my last child is a boy & frankly I wasn’t concerned with learning styles before now, because most girls just “get it” right away. but for the boy it is really important to help him to want to learn. thank you for offering free products also! amazing!!!!!!!

    October 22, 2017 at 8:12 am

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