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Periodic Table of Elements Chart

Learning about the Periodic Table of Elements doesn't have to be overwhelming!  This full color, print friendly chart is designed to be the perfect addition to your homeschool science notebook or classroom wall.  Children can easily identify each elemental name, symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass without a magnifying glass!


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This chart is shared from: The Periodic Table of Elements Activity Pack
Periodic Table of Elements Pack

eBook PDF Format
View Sample PagesThis activity pack includes the following resources:

  • 4 Reproducible Charts
  • Element Letter Tiles
  • Element Fact Cards
  • Element Boggle Gameboard
  • 8 different Element Bingo Cards
  • 8 Element Bingo Cards with Symbols Only
  • Fill in the Blank Symbols Worksheet
  • Fill in the Name /Atomic Mass/Number Worksheet
  • Blank Periodic Table in Color
  • Blank Periodic Table in B&W
  • Symbol Stumper Worksheet

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