First Grade Curriculum

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I’m totally done.

I’ve got it ALL!

It feels SOOOOOO Good.

Since this was my second year picking out homeschool curriculum, I really feel like I know what I’m doing.


Seriously though, I was able to pick and choose things that we’re more tailored to my daughters learning style

(And my lack of ability to keep a schedule)

Since we’ve moved from KG to First Grade, I’ve decided to at least keep a little bit of a schedule for Sissy….who I hoping will be able to do a bit more independent work this time around.

I’ll post more about our Daily Schedule soon

But for now Check out what I’ve got planned for the next year.

It took me HOURS, but I Posted All My Picks including why I chose them here on our main site. Every Book is linked up to a Photo, Description, and My Review of why I Picked the Book so if you want to know more about a title, just click it.

(I KNOW!… can thank me later :)

I’m also going to update the reviews through out the year as I decide more on whats working and whats not working!

And I’m totally interested to hear if anyone has used any of these titles, and what your experience was of them

(even if you hated it….I want to know!)

So come back and tell me…………

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Garage Sale Finds

This is why I love garage sales….

I spent a total of $11 (which is like the price of just one thing from a Teacher Supply Store)

Unifex Counting Cubes: $1.00

USA States Fact Book: $1.00

2 Fraction Circle Set: $1.00

2 Tile Fractions Set: $2.00

And my very most favorite deal:
36 Premade Laminated File Folder Games: $6.00
(Did you get that? 36 games! That’s like what….15 cents a game?)

Anyone else snag some Garage sale goodies this summer?

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