100 Fun-Filled-HOMESCHOOL-Field-Trips

100 Fun-Filled-HOMESCHOOL-Field-Trips


Whether you’re looking for a homeschool field trip for just your family, or you’re planning one for your co-op here is a list of 100 ideas to get you started for your next outing.


Museum Field Trip Ideas

  1. Science Museums
  2. Hands On and Children’s Museums
  3. Armed Forces Museums
  4. Art Museums
  5. Naval Vessels
  6. Submarines
  7. Lighthouses
  8. Cultural Museums
  9. African American, Jewish, Arabic etc. Museums
  10. Space and NASA Museums
  11. Planetariums
  12. Aquariums
  13. Automotive Museums or Shows
  14. Omnimax Movies, a lot of science centers have these and they’re well worth the extra cost.
  15. Historic Homes and Mansions
  16. Mechanical Museums
  17. Miniature and Model Museums

Pro tips: Always check if museums have homeschool days.  Alternatively see if they offer group discounts, it might be worth it to go with other families for some savings.   Also see if they offer guided tours, you’ll get the best look at the biggest museums and maximize time.


Outdoor Field Trips

  1. Nature Centers
  2. Farms
  3. Zoo’s and Petting Zoos
  4. Railroad Ride
  5. Historic Villages, see if you can set up a few hours to do class in a one room school house.
  6. Nature Hike
  7. A Bug Walk (walk around look for creepy crawlies)
  8. Practice Map Reading or Following Directions in a Downtown Area
  9. Downtown Scavenger Hunt
  10. Horseback Riding Lessons, or Dude Ranch
  11. Camping or Survival Workshop
  12. County, State, and 4H Fairs
  13. Air Show
  14. Fireworks Show
  15. Local Outdoor Festivals
  16. Historic Festivals
  17. Renaissance Faires
  18. Apple Orchards, go to one where you can pick your own.
  19. Pumpkin Patch
  20. Fort Tours
  21. Caves
  22. Bat Walks
  23. Butterfly Houses
  24. Aviaries
  25. Natural Landforms
  26. Waterfalls
  27. Photography Walks
  28. Amusement Parks
  29. Maple Tree Farm During Tapping
  30. Boat Tours
  31. Star Gazing During a Meteor Shower
  32. Berry Picking

Pro tips:  If you’re going someplace like a nature center call and see if any special workshops or classes are offered.  Talk to the people that work the events you attend.  Encourage your children to ask questions.

Fine Arts Based

  1. Local Professional and Community Theater Plays
  2. Shakespeare In the Park
  3. Orchestra Concerts
  4. Operas, Musicals, and Ballets
  5. Children’s Orchestra Days at Local Venues
  6. Magic Shows
  7. Magic Lesson
  8. Craft Lessons, check your local Joann’s for some fun classes.
  9. Drama Workshops
  10. Prepare a performance and perform somewhere.
  11. Pottery Class

Pro tips: If you know a local artist or performer schedule an hour for them to talk with your kids.  Your kids are bound to love stories of their experiences.

Local Parks and Recreation Ideas

  1. MADD presentations
  2. Children’s Art Lessons
  3. Special Local Events and Parties
  4. Taste of Your City
  5. Special Events at Your Parks
  6. Tree Lightings
  7. Trunk or Treats
  8. Swimming Classes
  9. Sport Scrimmages
  10. Robotics Workshops
  11. Auto Shows

Pro Tips: Get online and look at the brochures of the Parks and Recreation Departments of nearby cities, for even more opportunities.

Government and Local Business Ideas

  1. Town Hall Tours
  2. State Capitol Tours
  3. Firehouse Open House (Generally in October)
  4. Political Rallies
  5. Washington D.C.
  6. Historical Landmarks
  7. Battlefields
  8. Job Shadowing, my sister did this one year at a vet’s office and really enjoyed it.
  9. Ethnic Restaurants, especially cuisine your family hasn’t tried. French, German, English, Middle Eastern, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese etc.
  10. Antique Stores
  11. Flea Markets
  12. Animal Breeders or Humane Society
  13. Local Nonprofits, don’t forget to volunteer.
  14. Book Readings and Signings
  15. Sports Arena Tours and Kid Days
  16. Auto Race Track
  17. Old Fashioned Arcades
  18. Maternity ward tour. I’m serious. If you have a student interested in the medical field, it’s a normal tour hospitals give so it’s easy to schedule.

Pro tips: Ask around, call ahead, think nontraditional.  Let your kids experience jobs and businesses that could spark a future career.

Tour Ideas and Other Presentations

  1. Factory, goods Tours
  2. Water Plant Tours
  3. Nuclear Power Plant Tour, this one was one of my favorites in High School.
  4. Television Studio Tours (Check out public access channels.)
  5. Science Presentations at Local Colleges
  6. Old and Historic Churches, if you know an organist an explanation and tour of a real pipe organ is always awesome.
  7. Chocolate Factory Tours
  8. Dairy Factory Tours
  9. Cereal Factory Tours
  10. Parade Company Tours
  11. Recycling Plant and Waste Management Tour

For more ideas, be sure to follow local mom and homeschool pages on Facebook.  Check out city brochures online, and always keep an eye out in newspapers.

I hope you find some great field trips and make wonderful memories.



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