Homeschool Art Supplies

Over the years we’ve  had the opportunity to try out MANY different arts and crafts supplies.  Often we’ve been surprised that an off brand has a better quality product then some of the more popular, well known brands.And with other products we’re happy to make the investmentfor a quality product that will last.  Read about our favorite art supplies and where to find the best price.  Find more of our favorite Homeschool Tools and Machines.  Read about our Favorite Homeschool Curriculum Here

Simply Art Watercolor Cakes

I was surprised at the value of this watercolor set. Normally, I stay away from off brand watercolors but this set can’t be
beat! The colors are bright, and vivid and because these are cakes they last much longer than traditional watercolor packs. We have used this set through many art projects over the years, It took almost 5 years to run out of yellow so we finally bought a second set….but for the price….AMAZING!

Crayola Oil Pastels

Pastels were one of my favorite mediums when I was a kid. I used to love drawing on the paper, then blending the colors with my
fingertip….the possibilities were endless for
the colors I could create and I felt like a young and undiscovered Picasso. That’s why I keep pastels in my classroom for my children to work with….I love the ease of color blending with them and we work on shading with them.

Sunworks Construction Paper

Again, another deal you can get online is this heavy weight construction paper from SunWorks. One pack keeps your classroom stocked up for almost the entire year

Pro Art Chalk Pastels

Chalk pastels are fun to have on hand as well. We’ve recently started to use them with this curriculum and this set really gave us a wide varitey of colors for a good price. Another deal that is better online then in store

Caran d’Ache Watercolor Crayons

This was one of our more expensive craft room purchases, but they have held up quite nicely over the years. Watercolor crayons are a great way for children to experiment, and this set comes with a handy tin for storage. (the tin is one of the reason I believe this set has held up so well)

Melissa and Doug Triangle Crayons

I usually don’t purchase much Melisa and Doug unless I can find a coupon or an online deal, but these triangle crayons have been a
blessing in our house. My three year old love them, it feels like his own art set he can use and they don’t roll away!

Fiskars Gel Pens

If you can’t stand glitter in your house, you might take a peek at these glitter pens! We purchased this set for my daughters birthday, and I had abhard time keeping my hands off of them. This is a good deal online and you get over 48 pens!

Dixon #2 Pencils

If there were a World’s Greatest Pencil Award, we would give it to Dixon Ticonderoga hands down!v After years of dealing with broken tips and erasers that pop off (or worse leave streaks across your paper instead of erasing) I’ve decided that the investment in Dixon is well worth it

Glitter Shakers

Glitter shakers are much easier for younger children to use, as you don’t end up with the
dreaded pile of glitter on your table. The lids come off so you can pour back the excess.

Our Favorite Homeschool Tools

Have you ever wondered what a laminator is? Or how about a binding machine. Are you on your seventh pencil sharpener of the year? Come on in and read about our favorite homeschool tools. We’ll show you how we use them, why you’d need them and where we found the best price.


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