J is for Jesus Candy Cane Printables


J is for Jesus has been one of the most popular Christmas resources on our sister site ChristianPreschoolPrintables.com.

Today, I’m happy to share an updated version of this helpful resource!  I’ve redesigned the minibook into a story strip format making it super simple to send home with your students this year.  Many teachers attach a miniature candy cane to the booklets as an extra treat for children.  (Purchase mini candy canes in BULK here)


This set includes a Color or Black and white version and coordinates perfectly with our Jesus Loves You Candy Cane Chart and Bible Coloring Page.  Hint:  Print our Colorful Charts as flashcards to hand out to students.

Pair this activity with one of the many amazing Candy Cane Parable books available




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Love Bible Verse Bookmarks


Today I have some simple Love Bible Verse Bookmarks for children.

Each bookmark features a quality of love as described in 1 Corinthians 13, and the last bookmark reads, “God is Love” These are very simple yet beautiful and your older children might appreciate a few for their bookshelf. Use during Valentine’s Day or Easter or anytime you want to treat your children.

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Bible Verse Bookmarks for Kids


I’m on a bookmark kick lately…..have you noticed?

Today I made a set of 10 different Bible Verse Bookmarks for Kids.


Print Bible Verse Bookmarks Here

There are ten key scriptures for children to memorize with themes both boys and girls will love.

Bookmarks are a great way to encourage children to read, and they make simple take home items for children’s church or VBS programs.

I recommend printing them on cardstock and laminating for durability.

You could even punch a hole and add some ribbon if you’re feeling crafty, but these truly are ready to go!

You could even keep a pile of these on hand for rewarding students for good work!


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Easter Bible Verse Printables


One of our most popular Easter resources is our Easter Egg Bible Verse Cards for Kids.

There are 10 different cards each with their own memory picture and key scripture.  The cards are stored in a pocket that includes a checklist for children.

Recently, I received an email from one of our readers.  She had been sending these scripture eggs in care packages overseas as part of an outreach program.  She was printing the eggs and replacing the verses with scripture in each countries native language by gluing little squares over the top.  It was proving time consuming and she was in need of a blank version.

So I got to work and instead of a blank version, I made an editable version.  Well, okay I made both.


Blank Easter Egg Verse Cards

Page 1     Page 2     Pocket

Editable Easter Egg Verse Cards

Page 1     Page 2     Pocket


I just know that there are others of you out there who are looking for small, light weight encouragement items to send to your sponsored children, or to your missionaries and church plants and now you can customize a set in your language of choice.

Additionally, if you make a set do send the files back to share with others!

Spanish Egg Verse Cards 

Page 1     Page 2

Indonesian Egg Verse Cards 

Page 1     Page 2


NOTE: You will need the LATEST Adobe Reader to use these, but it is very very simple, you just type in your verse in the blank boxes.


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St. Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Coloring Pages



Hot off the press and ready for St. Patrick’s Day 2015 is this adorable set of five different Bible Verse coloring pages you can use with your kiddos this March.

This set includes two different scriptures Matthew 6:30, and Matthew 28:19 and provides you with a variety of different pages you can present to children.

St. Patrick’s Day Bible Coloring Pages


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Shamrock Poetry

Here are some stories of St. Patrick you can use for your storytime lessons:

StPatrickSaint   StPatrickStory   StPatricksDay2

Coloring Page Images (c) Monkeying Around in First , Pink Cat Studio

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God Keeps His Promises Game

GodFaithfulChildren learning about Noah’s Ark can learn an important truth that God always keeps his promises.

We have a variety of Noah’s Ark printables, crafts and resources you can add to your Sunday School Lesson, but today I wanted to add in a center time activity.

This is a game that can be placed in your learning centers or morning activity table for children just arriving or played in your own home with sibilings.

Each child receives a gameboard that reads “God keeps his promises” and has a space for each color of the rainbow.

Children take turns drawing colors from the middle hoping to be the first one to fill up their rainbow board.

If a child draws a color they already have, it’s simply discarded and the next child takes a turn.

There is even a place for children to place their favorite color.

Download God is Faithful Game Here


Expand your unit:

Noah’s Animal Groups Sorting Game

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Noah’s Ark Lapbook


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Pumpkin Prayer Printable



It’s October and pumpkins are everywhere.

What a perfect opportunity to get creative with your little ones and tie in a little devotional as well.

Quite a few years ago I created this Pumpkin Prayer Minibook, and it’s become one of our most popular resources on Christian Preschool Printables.



Today I thought I’d create a similar resource for older children or even young adults.

These Pumpkin Prayer Cards are perfect to pass out at youth Bible studies, place on your harvest tables, tie around pumpkins or insert in your bulletins.

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Easter Cross Watercolor Craft


Today we have an Easter Cross Watercolor Craft for children of all ages.


Calvary Cross Watercolor Craft


What makes this easy and fun is that you can provide younger children with our printable template, making it easier for them to follow along.  Older children can start with a blank paper.

You start out with a little  white crayon in select areas:20140215_124311

And you finish up with an amazing watercolor of the cross on Calvary


Click Here for the full Craft Tutorial


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Easter Bible Verse Cards for Kids


Every year we try to add new and useful printables to our Easter Crafts Page.

This year we’ve added some colorful Bible Verse Cards for Kids!


This set features 10 different verse cards.

Each card is a colorful egg shape and features a key scripture pertaining to the resurrection of Christ.

We’ve even included a printable pocket with a verse checklist you use use to track progress.

This would be a great set to use with your own Easter Curriculum.

Print our Easter Bible Verse Cards From Here

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Looking for more Easter Ideas?

Check out our HUGE Easter Freebies List &

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it’s filled with freebies & links to our most popular resources!

Also, be sure you check out Amanda’s latest eBook A Sense of the Resurrection,

this is a great way to make meaningful memories with your family this season!

Stay tuned for more!

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St. Patrick’s Day Bible Lesson Verse

We’ve had such a great response to our Bible Verse Printable Theme Packs, that I decided we should add a set for St. Patrick’s Day!


We currently have a ton of Trinity resources for St. Patrick’s Day, so I thought I’d switch things up a bit and make this set with the Beatitudes.

    Coins1CoinPocket Coins2

So there are eight different bible verses, each from Matthew 5, and each representing a character trait that God holds valuable and blessed.   I printed them on shamrock coins, representing a focus on treasure in heaven and not earthly treasures.

There is a printable pocket with a verse checklist on the back, these would be great to learn during the month of March!

You can print these resources free at Bible Story Printables

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Christmas Preschool Printables


We’ve just released a new set of Nativity printables you can use with your children or students this Christmas season.


Nativity Printable Pack Easy Download

 (login or create a free account)


 If you have slower internet speeds you can also download as individual components here:
Nativity Printable Pack Individual Downloads


More Christmas Printables and Resources:
Bible Lesson Plan Links:

Journey to Bethlehem Bible Lesson Links
Birth of Jesus Bible Lessons
Wise Men Bible Lesson
Scripture Memorization:
Christmas Bible Verse Cards for Kids
Christmas Bible Verse Printable Packs
Crafts & Activities:
Names of Jesus Ornaments
Pop Up Nativity Craft
Christmas Bookmarks
Christmas Story Coloring Pages
Christmas Cards from Kids
Handprint Angel Craft with VerseBaby in a Manger Craft

Printable Games:

Christmas File Folder Games
Christmas Bible Games

Happy Birthday Jesus Card Game





Preschool Packs:
12 Days of Christmas Preschool Printables
Nutcracker Christmas Preschool Printables
Ornament Preschool Printables
Symbols of Christmas Printables


Hope that get’s you off to a good start!




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Christmas Card Crafts for Kids


This is a simple and easy Chrsitmas Card project for kids.

In fact, this come from my own childhood.

My best friends Grandmother would save her Christmas Cards from the previous year,

and we’d decorate them with glitter and repourpose them as ornaments and gift tags.

I thought that would be the perfect project to do with my own kiddos this year.

But, of course that all takes planning, and saving the cards from last year.

I didn’t do that.


Instead, I decided to print up a set of pictures that would be perfect for adding glitter to.

Then we can make our own cards and ornaments together.

And I just know that you’re going to love this project with your own kiddos,

so we’re offering our Subscribers these free Christmas Card download.

Join Free or Login then Download Here

How To:



Printed Card on Cardstock Paper

Fine Glitter (Here is inexpensive kind)



Step 1: Cut the ends off your Q-Tip at a slant.  


Step :2  Use the Q-Tip to apply glue to highlight areas on the card.

You don’t want to cover the entire picture, we’re just highlighting areas that we want to sparkle.

Less is more :)



Look for places where snow might accumulate.

Use the tip of your Q-tip to make icicles coming off the roof


All Done:

It’s hard to capture the glitter in a photo, but these are just stunning when they are done!



Find more Christmas Printables and Crafts  Here.

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Stained Glass Nativity Craft


Christmas always comes faster then I’m prepared for.

I remember it was even faster when I had lesson plans to prepare for.

This is a quick and easy craft that will give you beautiful results.

(You might remember that we’ve used this technique on our Stained Glass Easter Craft)


Download: Nativity

So here’s the deal.

You can either print that page on vellum paper and color it in with markers

-or- a more budget friendly and FUN way is to print it on regular paper and then do the following:


Color your paper with marker.  Encourage children to leave areas of white or to use their yellow pen to highlight the tops of each section.


When your page is colored, flip it over and apply oil to the back.  I used a canola oil and a paper towel to rub it in.  You’ll instantly see the oil soaking in.  Oil the entire page.


Let dry, then Hang up in a sunny window.  You can see in my image the oiled area lets the light through.  You can even get creative with what areas you oil and don’t oil for a different effect (see that little oil spot near the bottom of the page)

I think a window full of these would be beautiful in a classroom window!

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Bible Minibooks


I’ve just updated many of our Bible minibooks!

Old Testament Minibook

New Testament Minibook

Adam & Eve Minibook

Noah Ark Minibook

Salvation Colors Minibook

We have a Huge Selection of Bible Minibooks here,
those were just ones needing a facelift!


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10 Commandment Printables


We have a New Subscriber Freebie for Christian Preschool Printables!
If you have little one’s learning to letter, this is a great way to sneak in those ten commandments along the way!


If you join today, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and then our free printable pack within 48 hours, usually much sooner!

If you already subscribe to Christian Preschool Printables, your email should be in your inbox. IF your spam filter got it Be sure you are set to receive emails from valerie@christianpreschoolprintables.com, sometimes adding us to your address book helps us deliver those emails to you. I will be re sending it in a few days for those of you that didn’t get it the first time around :)


Use these resources alongside this awesome book Hand Commands which will give children a way to remember the ten commandments with their hands.

More Ideas:
Laminate and reuse with a dry eraser.
Use fine line markers so children can really see where they are lettering
Do each line a different color
Review the commandment daily

More Preschool 10 Commandment Printables
K-5 10 Commandment Printables


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DIY Stained Glass Coloring Pages

So last week, while browsing around Pinterest,
I found this cheepo way to make DIY stained glass coloring pages.

And the timing couldn’t have been better.
(As my children had just tore out the very last page in their stained glass coloring book)

So I thought I’d give it a try to see if we got a comparable result:

Not bad right?

The sun kept popping in and out from behind the clouds, so this shot is a tad more “cloudy”
but you can see the DIY on the left and the purchased on the right.
So the DIV version is not EXACTLY the same as a prepaid sheet,
but it is way cheaper then buying a set of pages or even a stack of vellum to print on.

Plus you can really turn ANY coloring page into a stained glass project.
And what kiddo does’t love to see their own creations on display?

Just in case you wanted to try out this method for yourself,
I whipped up some beautiful Easter pages that would look great as stained glass.

Head on over to our main site for the printable pages and the full tutorial!



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Easter Printables and Resources

Easter is just around the corner!
Here is a “Pinnable” list of our most popular resources!

On Christian Preschool Printables we have:
Printable Resurrection Eggs
Easter Memory Match
Easter Wordwall Cards
Printable Puzzles
He is Risen Crafts
The Empty Tomb Craft
Easter Bingo
Easter Bookmarks
Easter Cross File Folder Games
Easter Memory Match
Easter Game
Hosanna Crafts
Easter Bible Verse Printables
and more

On Bible Story Printabes we have:

Easter Timeline Cards
Easter Storyboard Set
Easter Coloring Pages
Bible Story Minibook
Bible Verse Copywork Pages
The Story of Easter File Folder Game
and more….

Our Sponsors, Hearts at Home Curriculum
have an amazing deal right now on these animated Easter DVD’s.
You can get one DVD for $5 or 3 for $12.95 until 3/30/13.
(these are high quality videos produced by NEST entertainment!!)

On File Folder Fun we have five different Easter themed games:

Colorful Easter Eggs
Eggciting “e”
Spring Peeps
Shattered Patterns

On LapbookLessons we have a free Easter Lapbook!
Even a Lapbook video for how to put it together.

Don’t forget to check out the fun Stained Glass Easter Crosses we made a couple years back.

One year we even tried out some natural methods of egg dying!
Best of all, most of the resources we had in stock in our kitchen.

Jelly Beans make great resources when teaching children about salvation!
On Little Blots of Faith we have these fun printable poems you can share
with children, as well as MANY more links and resources for planning out an Easter Lesson!

Hope that gets you off to a good start!

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New Bible Craft Printables

I’ve been spending some serious time working and reworking our Bible Crafts section to make it easier to find just what you’re looking for! You can now search our bible crafts by Old Testament, New Testament and Holiday themes.

I’ve also redesigned quite few of our crafts making them easier to implement with your little ones! You can see the ALL of new crafts below:

New and Updated Bible Crafts:


God Keep His Promises Bible Craft


Jesus Feeds 5000 Bible Craft


God Gives Me Strength Craft



Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Craft


Baby Jesus in the Manger Craft


Creation Activity Sheet

Stay tuned for more helpful resources!

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Veteran’s Day Printables

Do you homeschool through the holidays?
We usually continue class as usual for most of the Monday holidays,
but we do try to incorporate so holiday themed activities for that day.

I just can’t DO a four day week.
I’ve tried in the past, and a four day week quickly turns into a three day week,
and then a two day week…and then eventually I give up and say,
Hey let’s just start FRESH on Monday.

A whole week gone, and I’m scrambling to figure out
where we’re going to make it up later!

So, I’ve since learned to do something else for these one day,
beginning of the week holidays.
Here is my magic formula:

-Drop everything except the three R’s.
-Include a special craft, activitiy, or field trip.

There. That’s it.
Impressive huh!

So tomorrow we’ll be reading about Veteran’s Day,
and making some special Thank You Cards.

Of course I made plenty to share.
And of course like a good little procrastinating Homeschooler,
I’ve posted it the night before Veteran’s day.

I realize that’s not the best plan.
I almost just waited until next year to share it,
but then I realized that there is at LEAST one of you out there
who is scrambling for something to do on Veteran’s Day tomorrow.
Obviously, I speak from experience.


So it’s not a fancy set, but I think it will get the job done!
There is a set of printable Thank You badges for children to color,
and use as the cover of a Veteran’s Day card.

I also included some easy to cut decorations,
which would be great for little ones just learning scissor work.
For children who are showing readiness, I also added in some ABC practice
and a small copywork page.

Pretty simple stuff.
You can print the Veteran’s Day Printables here.

Be Sure to Stay Tuned!!

I have lots more Holiday Printables coming out soon,
They will be available on Christian Preshool Printables
so be sure you are subscribed if you’re interested in more simple sets like this!

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Fourth of July Bible Printables

Next week is Independence Day!

I can’t believe it is here again already.
It seems like it catches me by surprise every year.

Here are some printable resources you can use with your kiddos next week:
Or maybe Pin for next year :)

Preschool Bible Printables on Christian Preschool Printables

God Bless America Coloring Sheet
USA Flag with Bible Verse
God Bless America Star Craft
God Bless America Wreath

K-5 Bible Printables on BibleStoryPrintables.com

God Bless America Coloring Page
American Flag Bible Verse Copywork
Patriotic Prayer Journal
God Bless the USA Bible Bookmarks

From Teacher Gifts on Little Blots of Faith
(You can get some fun goodies from the Dollar Tree and wrap them with these custom labels)

God Bless America Lollipop Sleeves
God Bless America Pencil Flags

Fourth of July Lapbook Printables on Lapbook Lessons

Independence Day Cover Sheet
Fourth of July Minibook
Firework Colors Flapbook
Fourth of July Vocabulary
Bible Verse Copywork
Freedom Shapebooks
Fourth of July Flagbook
Fourth of July Coloring Page
and more….

fourth of july bible printables

Fourth of July File Folder Game on File Folder Fun

fourth of july bible crafts

Fourth of July Crafts & Activities on The Crafty Classroom

American Flag Craft
Bald Eagle Balloon
Mayflower Craft
Mt. Rushmore Craft
Religious Freedom
Statue of Liberty
Symbolic Flag Craft
Tricorn Hat Craft

Some resources from around the web:

fourth of july calendar cards
Fourth of July Calendar Connections on 1+1+1=1

fourth of july hat craft

Patriotic Hat Craft on No Ordinary Moments

Hope that helps get you started!

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